Finally, a post!

My third attempt at a blog – hopefully third time lucky!! I’m always wanting to record general thoughts about a trip or an area, or things that we’ve done that don’t fit into any regular geocaching log types, so I thought that a blog might be the way to do it. Mostly this blog will be about geocaching, travelling and associated adventures, somewhat about our dogs and the trouble they get into, and a little bit about whatever else happens to occupy my day or thoughts. I expect I’ll update every week or two, depending if we’ve been doing anything caching related. And every once it awhile if there’s not much happening, I might tell a few tales about our earlier caching adventures. This weekend was a gorgeously sunny day, in our little part of down-under. It’s only just spring and we’ve had lots of rain recently and will expect more – spring is our ‘rainy season’!!  With no low terrain caches nearer than half an hour away, we decided it was a chance for a bit of cache placing and reconnaissance. PB armed himself with Sistemas (local version of lock & locks), spray paint, strange pieces of metal, glue and other assorted items, and after a bit some containers emerged from the ‘stuff’. We both had a location in mind – mine just requiring a simple camo painted container and a bit of historic research, and PB’s, well, he had another evil plan! The caches were quickly placed as we enjoyed the sunny day outside. It took us a day to get the research finished and cache pages written up and they were published within the day, and found within the hour!!! While on our outing we checked on a bison tube we have in an area where it can possibly get wet. Given the amount of rain over the last few weeks, we were impressed to find the log completely safe and dry. We also had to archive a previous tricky hide of PB’s creation that has been buried under a pile of woodchips for a few months now. With the arrival of spring, we’ve concluded that the gardeners had finished their maintenance in the area, and that it’s unfortunately going to stay entombed under a deep layer of chips.  Next weekend, we’ll be doing a bit of travelling, so will report on some out-of-town caches. Where we are going there is one cacher who is very fond of creating great feats of engineering in the way of camo hides, so we may find a few good challenges if we strike any of that cacher’s hides!! Bye for now, Annie


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