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Crafts & Coins


This is a little catch up post on a few things that I’ve said I would show people over the last couple of months!!

My first attempt at a mosaic title.

Here is my mosaic title that I made at Art in the Park a few weekends ago. A few different crafty people have wanted to have a look at this.  The person who did the grouting didn’t take quite as much care over it as I probably would have – but who am I to say really, as I’ve never done grouting and certainly not done the amount that she would have had to after the weekend!!  It’s my first ever attempt at such a thing, but it was kind of fun and I could easy add it to my list of hobbies to do more of one day.  

Do you know this frog?

And here is a somewhat familiar looking Froggy that Katy Rose, ErikaJean  & PJ all thought they recognised in an earlier blog post. Were they right……… ??? Perhaps they’ll let us know!!  We are hoping to be able to go to stained glass classes again soon, but the funding for the community classes at our high school got cut last year, so all the classes finished up. Our tutor was hoping to get his class running again this year, but at the moment he’s not well. So we are all hoping he’ll get better soon.

 (Hey Norwood… Nooorrrrwoooodd – you rrrrreally got to look into geocaching some more – there is a Frog in charge!)

And here – just for Tracy – the wonders of the world of geocoins!!  This is our small collection.

 See this photo at Flickr for the info on how we got each one.

Our trackable planisphere geocoin - there is a Northern Hemisphere version too.

Our geocoin collection

Now – if I’ve said  that I’ll show anything else – please remind me what it was!

And BTW – if there’s any words you would like added to the Glossary, just let me know too. I haven’t put anything in there for a bit.

A Bridge & A Beach

 New Year’s day turned out warm and DRY, despite the weather girl’s worst predictions, so we took the change to grab a couple of newish local caches. We headed to one of the West Coast’s very unique features: a road-rail bridge. I’d be interested to know if there are any like it in your part of the world!

Taramakau Road - Rail Bridge


We were pretty sure that we knew where the cache was from various log comments, and so it was that our GPS pointed us to the same spot. After a bit of gymnastics I got to the right location, and we had our first find for 2010.

A new date to write

Here are a couple of other bridge pictures for those bridge fans amongst you!! (And click here for an even earlier bridge.)

Then we headed to another cache that is actually designed as a night cache – but, you know, that doesn’t always mean it can’t be found during the day. But alas, this time we will have to try again at night. So this is my photo from that cache:

Just a little wildflower


Our next stop was a little spot near the beach (just along from where PB took the beach sunset photo yesterday. After a very short stroll we found our cache – had to trust the GPS on this one, as it was such a small container.

A little container - we've seen alot of these recently.


We continued further along the little track for a sea view, and also happened across some mushrooms.

Karoro Beach

Mushroom on Log


Underneath of mushroom


 We checked on a couple of our own caches too, and that was our first day’s caching for 2010.

A belated New Zealand Christmas Tree

A belated New Zealand Christmas Tree

Christmas Day

Finally I’ve got organised to download and sort a few photos from Christmas Day. As it turns out there’s nothing really spectacular – a few cute dog pics, but not too much else. It was actually a really busy day and not that restful at all!!!

At the start of the day PB and I try to get a bit of time to ourselves and have a nice quite breakfast – well as peaceful as you can with a canine audience:

MMmmmm ..... cheese

Mmmm ....... fruit

Then we were off to church at 9:30 to help with the Community Dinner. We had only around 140 guests – the biggest meal in New Zealand has over 2000! We helped with the audio and visual stuff, served food (the stuffing is our ‘job!’), and helped clear the tables and pack up at the end.

Santa visited of course:

We finally got home around 3:30 and had a little break before loading up the van with dogs and going over to PB’s Mum’s place.

Neve "On the way to Grandma's house."

Ruger " Are we there yet, Dad?"

Ruger "Why don’t we have a squeaky newspaper at home, Dad?"

Neve "Grandma has pretty flowers."

Our Cousin Diva

"Pose for a family photo – Mum, you have GOT to be kidding!!!!"

Neve "I’ll have my photo taken with Mum though."

Neve "I MIGHT play zoomies with Diva....."

A ‘lil bit more Christmas

These are some pics from a few more Christmas related things we’ve been doing recently.

Last weekend our church had a combined church service with the Afrikaans speaking church that meets once a month in our church building.  It was a combination Kiwi/South African event and some parts of the service were in Kiwi English and some in Afrikaans.  The Sunday School children from the Afrikaans congrgation did a particularly fantastic job of singing Silent night in English, Maori and Afrikaans.  And the whole congregation did some songs in English and some in Afrikaans.

Carols in Afrikaans

The Bible readings were in English with Afrikaans visuals (at the last minute I ended up doing one of the readings.) Next year I think we should alternate languages for the readings.

Yours truly somehow up the front!

Afterwards we had a ‘ pot-luck’ meal, with some Afrikaans food and some Kiwi favourites.  I tried two kinds of desserts: Koeksusters and Melktert and some other main course dishes that I’m not sure of the names of.  One of our Kiwi congrgation threatened to make lettuce and Vegemite sandwiches but I’m glad that she settled on pavlova in the end!!!

Last night we finally were able to wait until it got dark, and go for a little drive around town to look at the Christmas lights. There are really only a few house decorated, and not whole streets like we had a few years ago. We did not go to the house that won the local newspaper’s competion because it is a bit of a way out of town, but of the ones we saw I prefer that more subtlely decorated houses anyway. Some had just TOO many diffferent things flashing.

We liked how this one turned out with the people in front.

Today I spent the morning helping out with preparations for the Community Christmas Dinner. We don’t have homeless folk as such in our little town, but we have plenty of poor or elderly or ill people who would perhaps be sitting at home with nothing special happening on Christmas Day and no one visiting, and possibly not much to eat. So there are expected to be about 140 plus people to be fed down at the church. I think the cook is catering for up to 180, because she never knows until the day how many are going to turn up.  I was doing table arranging today, and tomorrow both PB and I will most likely be serving food, after doing a bit of last minute stuff with the tables – like putting the lolly (sweet/candy) baskets out.

Bring on Christmas Dinner!!!

A ‘lil bit o’ Christmas

We FINALLY got our Christmas tree up last night. We’ve got enough decorations to cover about three trees the size of our one, so this year I decided to only use all the ‘special’ decorations on it. Each year for I don’t know how long my Mum (Mom) has given us a decoration – usually one that she has handmade, sometimes a unique one she has found in a shop (store). Plus there are some that my sister and I have made through the years, or others that have special memories – like the strange little purple bauble that we swapped out of a cache our first Christmas of geocaching.  So here it is:

All lit up

And here are a few other Christmas photos from around the house.

Little Bear

Christmas cards

Gift from parents (& this year's decoration!)

Nativity scene made by my sister


We also have reindeer here…..

Mum, this is SOooooo embarassing


I'm glad she put the antlers on you & not me!