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Public Service Announcement: Number … something!!

Now — I know you’re out there. So please feel welcome to comment, even if you’ve never commented on my blog before. Heck, even if I don’t know you!!! Even if it’s the first time you’ve read this blog.  Those ‘other people’ who DO comment never knew me before I started this blog either. Does that make sense?

And Robert – yes, you may comment, even thought you knew me before I started the blog…… LOL!

Other places I may be found these days include:

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My blog is the main place you can get to know me and be known so if you haven’t commented here a bit, I’m not likely to recognise you or ‘friend’ you elsewhere.

So if I have turned down anyone’s requests, my apologies – you are most welcome to come & chat here & make yourself known!!

Postcard people – would you be interested in getting a bunch of New Zealand postcards – written or unwritten as you prefer?? Let me know. I’m thinking of putting together a set & having a lucky draw soon.

Love, Annie

Friday Favourites – Mexico

 Not that the postcard was sent to me from Mexico!  It actually came to me from the USA thanks to the Alphabet RR in the Postcrossing forums.  The caption for the image says:

  A villager drags an obstinate pig past a vibrant Tlacotalpan house. 


M is for Mexico


Acording to good old Wikipedia: “Tlacotalpan was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 because the “urban layout and architecture of Tlacotalpan represent a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean traditions of exceptional importance and quality… Its outstanding character lies in its townscape of wide streets, modest houses in an exuberant variety of styles and colours, and many mature trees in public and private open spaces.” (UNESCO, 1998.)” 

This picture certainly shows the vibrant colours!! 

It is from ‘The Travel Book; A Journey Through Every Country in the World’ published by Lonely Planet.

Friday Favourites X Last Photo Taken Sunday!!

The postcard I’d like to show you this week is a bit different that the usual postcard. It’s a 3-D postcard – I’ve never seen a postcard like this before.

Niagara Moose

Pop-up Moose

 This fun postcard came from a Postcrosser from the USA  who had been to Niagara Falls for a Postcrossing meet-up (similar to a geocaching event!) He got to meet some other American & Canadian Postcrossers. And no Postcrosser can miss the chance to stock up on postcards!  So I was lucky enough to received this one in a RR Swap in the Postcrossing forums.

And here is my Last Picture Sunday: 

Last Picture Taken Sunday

For more about Last Picture Taken Sunday check out Tracy’s Topics.

Friday Favourites – Washington State, USA

One of the cards I received this week that really appealed to me is this one from Beachyblonde.

Deception Pass Bridge

According to  the back of the postcard it shows the bridge over Deception Pass at Whidbey Island, Washington State.  I like the subtle colours and how the border & wording have been done on the card – as well, of course – as the bridge picture.

This area is part of the Deception Pass National Park which is the most visited park in Washington State.  Deception Pass itself is a ocean pass between two of the islands in the area. It is very dangerous due to changeable water currents that may result in whirlpools, eddies & standing waves depending on the tidal flow.  So ferries often have to wait until conditions are suitable before entering the Pass.

The bridge goes between Whidbey Island to Pass Island and then Pass Island to Fidalgo Island.  It was built 1934-35 and was declared an Historic Place in 1982.  Now days it costs more to paint the bridge than it originally did to built it!

I also really liked the stamps that Beachyblonde used on this postcard – a cute kitty that reminds us to ‘Adopt a Shelter Cat’ and some lovely purple flowers.

Friday Favourites – Serbia

This card is from Ana (BraveJ at Postcrossing) whom I have swapped with a few times now in various RR groups. This is an extra large postcard with pictures of various beautiful wrought iron doors & gates of the city of Belgrade. Ana writes a very thought-provoking message about Postcrossing being a way of opening doors to the world, and sharing “words of friendship & goodwill”. Although I don’t come from a country that has the political & historical challenges that Serbia has had, I quite agree with Ana’s words. This is one of my favourite cards – both the pictures, and the words of friendship that Ana shares.

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia. 90% of the population of 1.6 million are Orthodox Christians. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and a historic intersection between Eastern & Western Europe.

Friday Favourites – Musical Cat

This is actually my favourite card from a couple of weeks ago!  Having decided on a schedule for blog posts, it seems I am entirely failing to keep to it.  Oh well …….


This postcard was  from the Alphabet RR in the Postcrossing forums. It is M  for ‘Musical cat’ from Goyesca.

The artist is Selda Marlin Soganci who is from Germany and is children’s book illustrator & involved with children’s theatre. She also runs art workshops and has had exhibitions of her art.   This picture is called “Schnurrkatze” which means ‘purring cat.’  He or she certainly does look like a very contented cat.

This is the first ‘art card’ I have for my cat collection.

Postcrossing Friday Favourites – Turkey

I know, I know – WAYYYY past Friday but here we are!


I’m getting quite a few cards from Turkey as I’m involved in a RR in the Postcrossing forums, and some private swaps. When I saw this one in my mail box during the week, it caught my eye right away. I like the design of it, the colours and the individual pictures.

Cappadocia is in the centre of Turkey. It looks like a really interesting place with lots of fascinating geology to look at as well as historic buildings, cave homes – some that are now hotels!! – ancient churches & monastries, museums and plenty of restaurants with scumptious food to try.  And once you’ve done with exploring this area of Turkey from the ground, a hot air balloon trip would give you a different perspective.

Red Valley, Cappadocia

This postcard arrived a few weeks back from my best Turkish Postcrossing pal, Pinuccia.  This is the UNESCO World Heritage site, Goreme National Park. Pinuccia tells me that the geology here is the result of volcanic eruptions almost 3 million years ago. As these rocks are soft they are able to be carved into the houses that are still lived in today!!

Amazing area in an amazing country – definately an addition to my dream list of places to visit.

Public Service Announcement

Things have been a bit quite around here lately partly due to me not being very organised. I seem to have been getting more involved with photo challenges and Postcrossing, and getting less geocaching in. This is also a sign that winter is on its way. 😦  We do have some of our best weather over winter, but photography & Postcrossing will be great for days when it’s just not nice outside.

So I’m going to develop a bit of a schedule for my blog and integrate some of the other stuff I’m doing more.  I hope this will help me keep a bit more focussed which is something I need. So, my proposed ‘schedule’ will go something like this:

 1)      Sunday

 Keep up with Tracy’s “Last Photo Taken Sunday.”  This is a regular slot where we post the last photo that is on our camera for the week. To quote from Tracy’s Topics:

Scroll through your camera phone or digital camera, find the last pic you took – doesn’t matter what it was or how blurry or how random – Post it on your blog, and leave a link to it in this post’s comment section. I’ll stop by and check out your Last Pic Taken!

What makes this fun is that you can end up with really really random photos some weeks!!!

 2)    “My Place Monday” 

 I’m going to start making more use of the photos I’m taking for PJ’s HooHaa 365 Challenge. This challenge is about being committed to take a photo EVERY SINGLE DAY for the year!!!! Most of the photos I’ve been taken are stuff around the house, things I happen to be doing that day, shots of the pets and other everyday stuff. But a lot of them do have a bit of  a back story, or some personal history to them. So I thought it might be interesting sometimes to delve into that.

3)   Mid-week

 I will try to have at least one day where I blog about the previous weekend’s exploits– whether that be geocaching related adventure or other escapades. I may try to have another day doing a retrospective on previous caching trips – especially if we haven’t done anything cache related that weekend. Now that we’re over 1500 finds, there’s plenty of old stories to be shared.

4)   “Friday Favourites” 

 I will show off my favourite Postcrossing postcard or two from the week and perhaps include some information about the place it’s from. This may be an ‘official’ Postcrossing card, or one from a RR or a private swap.

5)      And as for Saturday, well that might just be my day off!

The City of Bridges.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA is sure going to get added to my list of places to visit!!! A city that has 446 bridges – that is three more bridges than Venice, Italy – is a must do.  Apparently this is a world record for number of bridges in a city! And I could write you something about all the bridges in Pittsburgh – but someone bet me to it.   This website – Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny County & Pittsburgh, PA will tell you everything you could ever want to know about Pittsburgh’s bridges. And here  are some more great photos. The first photo should be a daytime version similar to the purple postcard below.

These are some postcards  I have received recently:

This one from a private swap via the Postcrossing forums

Pittsburgh Sunset

 And this one was very kindly sent to me by PostMuse when I adopted some of her postcards.

City Lights of Pittsburgh

 This  beautiful covered bridge is the Logan Mills Covered Bridge, which is in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, so that’s another great reason to visit this corner of the US of A.

Covered Bridge

From Spain – Sort of….

These are two cards I have received recently , both sort of Spanish – but not as you might picture Spain with flamenco dancers and such like!

Maspalamas, Gran Canaria

This picture is El Faro de Maspalomas  a very old lighthouse – which is actually in the centre of a busy tourist area! It is 65 metres high, and when it was first used in February 1890 it was surrounded by sand, rather than hotels and tourist shops.  It took 28 years to build.  Here’s a very similar shot, but in the day time:

Similar picture from the web - I've forgotten where!

I learnt this info from Regina at Virtual Traveller  who gives lots of information about things to do in Maspalomas.  The thing is – Maspalomas is on an island – in the Canary Islands, just over 200 kilometres from the African coast, but over 1200 kilometres from Europe!!  It is however, a Spanish ‘Autonomous community’.

Maspalomas is on Gran Canaria,  which is the third largest of the Canary Islands, but has the largest population. It seems to be mostly a tourist destination for sun, sand & lifestyle, but does also have an interesting natural environment.

  It is a volcanic island and is almost a perfect circle! The geology and biology of the island are unusual in that there are many deep ravines radiating from the centre of the island – where there is an enormous deep volcanic crater, and also the highest peak – right down to the coast. These ravines provide a wide range of different micro-climates, such that some flora & fauna only live in small areas.  Over 40% of the island is nature reserves of various types, and a significant portion of the island has been identified as a UN World Biosphere Reserve   which demonstrates the scientific importance of its unique habitats.  Apparently there are even cacti  there – so that has to be a good thing!

 There’s also 97 geocaches on Gran Canaria – in case anyone was interested!

Irune's message

The other postcard that I would like to showcase is from Irune, from the north of Spain.  I had the privilege of receiving Irune’s first (and so far only) Postcrossing card that she has sent out.  Irune is currently studying in Bilbao, in the Basque area of Spain. This is another Autonomous Community of Spain.  The Basque   people live partly in Spain and partly in France, although there is greater freedom to speak and learn the Basque language – Euskara, for those people living in Spain.   This language  is completely unique in the world, and is not closely related to any other languages in surrounding regions.  Basque culture and language has been a constant in this area for longer than the other languages and cultures around it. There are apparently a wide range of ideas about from where the Basque people came – including that they are descendants  of  the mysterious city of Atlantis!!  

 In any case, this is a people group with a long and proud cultural heritage and language, and although currently only about 25-30% of Basque people are currently considered fluent in their language, I hope that many others are inspired to learn it and to hold on to their culture.

So ‘agur’  and ‘lasterarte’  to you all for today!!  (Goodbye and see you soon)