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Just a Bit of Fun

Eight cats & kittens came into the SPCA yesterday. Space is running out in the isolation unit!! These two little guys are supposedly 8 weeks old — the manager is not so sure ….. 

They are not too keen on humans – so my job today was just to hang out with them and pat them. They are now called Aspen & Ginko, and they are pretty crazy playful like all kittens this age.

So here you go, just for fun, a bit of kitten madness!!

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Last Photo Taken Sunday – Kelty

PB wasn’t in tonight, so Kelty had to do with sitting by me & the laptop instead of by PB’s computer. He sure wasn’t impressed – but I’m not sure whether it was because he couldn’t sit in his normal place & get his normal attention from PB or because I was flashing a camera in his face!!!  Or perhaps just because life is often not up to the standard that a discerning cat demands.


There is a somewhat better photo at Flickr.  But this one is the last one for the week so here it is!
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Friday Favourites – Musical Cat

This is actually my favourite card from a couple of weeks ago!  Having decided on a schedule for blog posts, it seems I am entirely failing to keep to it.  Oh well …….


This postcard was  from the Alphabet RR in the Postcrossing forums. It is M  for ‘Musical cat’ from Goyesca.

The artist is Selda Marlin Soganci who is from Germany and is children’s book illustrator & involved with children’s theatre. She also runs art workshops and has had exhibitions of her art.   This picture is called “Schnurrkatze” which means ‘purring cat.’  He or she certainly does look like a very contented cat.

This is the first ‘art card’ I have for my cat collection.

Cat Collection

Another aspect of Postcrossing for some people is the swaps.  In fact, it seems that some people are mostly only involved in the swaps. Personally I like the surprise of the random mail, and new places & creatures to  learn about.

But in my tidy-up of my stationery when I started Postcrossing (and the big renovation sort out!) I found a little booklet of postcards – all of kittens. So I decided that I would have a go at joining one of the swaps. The one I tried is called a ‘Round Robin’ – you send postcards of a certain theme to a set number of people, and they each send one back to you.  So I joined Lori’s Cat RR#55.  It turned out to be just as fun as getting any other postcard, because in the end the only thing I knew was that the postcard was somehow going to feature a cat.  I received two from the USA, one from Ireland and one from China.

Below are the cats that I received:

From Tobie - USA

From MandyMandy - China

From VolvoMom - USA

From Fisherman - Ireland

Last Picture Taken Sunday

This turned out to be my Last Picture Taken Sunday, and it actually WAS a photo I took myself. It’s also my Project 365 photo for Sunday 3rd January 2010. You can check out my photos at Flickr at the bottom of the sidebar  to find out more about this photo.

Rainy Day

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Christmas Kitties

Every Wednesday I volunteer at the local SPCA (Society for the Protection of Animals) for a few hours. Mostly I just clean out the cats’ cages and sometimes do a little bit of computer stuff.

The manager had been hoping that most of the cats and kittens that she had in would get homes before Christmas, but there are still a few little furry faces looking for a home.  We took some photos of them today for advertising, so I thought I’d show you a few – these are some of the funny or cute photos we didn’t use.



And on a slightly cat related theme…..

This is an old Kiwi children’s joke (and probably an American, British, Scottish & South African children’s joke for all I know!)

“How do you know that an elephant has been in the fridge?”







“There are footprints in the butter!”

The Annie & PB variation:

“How do you know that a cat has been on the kitchen bench?”







” There are footprints in the plaster dust!!”

The Relatives

We’ve had a busy couple of days – and then today MIL got out of hospital, so I’ve been across town at her house for the afternoon and tea (dinner.)  Here are some shots of the animal collection at her place!

Diva the dazzling dog

with one of her many toys


Handsome cat #1 - who has a really tricky name that I have difficulty pronouncing and certainly can't spell!!


Handsome cat #2 - brother of #1 - with equally tricky name

Your normal programme of events at Annie & PB Go Geocaching may or may not resume tomorrow, depending how MIL is.  And I’ve even found two geocaches that I need to write about.