What is Geocaching?

What is Geocaching? Well, that’s an intriguing question really, and gets a wide range of answer depending who you ask.

For us, it’s a way to explore the great outdoors of New Zealand – finding new scenic spots and learning about our history and geography. We get to play with technology, take photos of awesome places,  have our body and brain challlenged, meet new people (online and IRL!! 🙂 ) and most importantly have lots of quality fun time together.

Here is a link to an Irish website that explains how geocaching began: Beginnings of Geocaching

And an article that explains it from the point of view of a non-geocacher: Magazine article – click on it to enlarge it.

And here is a Kiwi how-to: Geocaching Step-By-Step

And a link to the two Kiwi geocaching organisations: New Zealand GPS Society Forums   and KiwiCaching New Zealand

And finally the most important website: Geocaching Website  

So if you have a GPS or a GPS-capable cell phone get on the website and find out how many caches there are near you – and then go find some!!

 The minimum you need  for Geocaching is access to an internet connection to get on the website, a GPS or cellphone that you know how to enter co-ordinates in to, and a sense of mystery and adventure!!!