Annie’s Awesome World Tour

Everyone’s allowed to have one fantastic dream, right?  So here is my totally awesome, completely unachieveable, world tour.   The itinerary is by no means complete and is absolutely subject to alterations, additions and amendments at any given moment!!  Some of the places and faces will be familiar to you and some won’t, and if you don’t feature, not to worry – you probably soon will!!!






The Netherlands


South Africa

  • Craft & cache with Tracy – and get to meet Amelia.



  • Walk the Fife Coastal Pathway with Ken & J. 
  • Climb a (very small!) hill with Ken & Maisie (and feed the FD a Bonio)



  • Listen to the owls at night on Robin’s fenlands
  • Explore London with Susan


United States

  • Go caching with Erika in a cactus desert in Arizona.
  • Cheer for Penny at her next race in California.
  • Visit the park with Velcro to meet Mr Squirrel.
  • Watch the Happy Heelers herding in Texas.
  • Go caching with PJ & the Duckies to earn my own Duckie in New York State!!
  • Attend a Mega  Event with Kris and meet her Ruger
  • Walk in the autumn leaves in Virginia with Cindy



  • Climb with Sal & Gregg, and give little Annie a hug

3 responses to “Annie’s Awesome World Tour

  1. Hey, we made the list. How cool is that! When you make it here, we’ve got the extra guest room waiting.

  2. I have the same dream of going to Bolivia too and hugging little Annie, Toby, Aedan and Gregg and Sal can have a hug too!
    -Lara (Greggs sis)

  3. This is the only place I can find to comment!!

    I’ve done some of those on your world tour 🙂 our biggies that we still want to do are South America and more of Africa.

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