Me & PB

We are two geocachers from the South Island of New Zealand. Our main hobby is geocaching. We always travelled around our island quite a bit and when we discovered geocaching it connected all the things that we liked – travelling, walking, a bit of history, scenic views, photography and exploring new places.

One of us ticks the box on forms that says 35-39 years and the other ticks the box for 40-44 years – but i won’t say who is who……  and we work in medical and educational jobs of sorts.

We also enjoy our two Blue Heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs), trying to take great photos on a very ordinary point-n-shoot camera, New Zeland music and our involment with our local church. 

 Annie (that’s me!)  has recently started some volunteer work for the local SPCA (Society for the Protection of Animals) branch and has just  discovered Postcrossing. I do a little bit of relief (supply) teaching in between keeping house, trying to grow a vegetable garden, entertaining the dogs and reading blogs.

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