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Kaiapoi Caching

Finally, another post. Just as well no one is reading this yet!!  This past weekend was a three-dayer here, so of course we went geocaching.  We got some caches in Rangiora, Woodend and Kaiapoi, which are nice little rural villages about 3.5 hours away from where we live. We also did a maintenance run to a tourist spot called Hanmer Springs.

In Hanmer we placed two new caches :  Feed the Ducks  GC20A1D which got found after a couple of days.  This is what we saw when we were placing that cache.Ducklings At Feed the Ducks, Hanmer Springs


Our other new one:  Looking Down  GC20A1X hasn’t been visited yet, but when cachers get there this is what they will see nearby. View Looking Down

We would have to say that although we enjoyed our trip away, the caches in the area overall did not leave a great impression. Between bad co-ords, poor choices of containers, caches reported as missing after our searches, and genuine honest-to-goodness DNFs,  we spent a lot more time searching than we normally would.

There were some highlights though, of course.

A cache located near these carvings, which are contemporary renditions of traditional symbols, had PB searching for it four times before he found a very tricky little container of a type we’d never seen before. This one was Pegasus Nano GC1YVB0

Fern Pou

Also one morning we had a walk in a lovely wetland area for two caches: Northbrook Reserve GC1YP63 and Northbrook Wandering GCPHB3.   This area had a lot of history and a good bit of bird life including some new little fluffy cygnets. We also saw a couple of fish.  Unfortunately our camera was flat at this point so we had no chance to get photos.

Another highlight was our stop at Kaiapoi ‘Lakes’ for our lunch one day. We were not able to do the cache here as we did not have the needed photo references with us, but we really enjoyed the variety of birds including more cygnets (bigger ones), geese and goslings and a ranges of ducks in all colours and sizes.

Goose Family at Kaiapoi Lakes

We’re not sure what this one is:Strange Bird

But we saw them at both Kaiapoi Lakes and Northbrook.

So that’s all for now. Hopefully now that we have broadband, I’ll write and upload photos more often.

Happy caching