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Crafts & Coins


This is a little catch up post on a few things that I’ve said I would show people over the last couple of months!!

My first attempt at a mosaic title.

Here is my mosaic title that I made at Art in the Park a few weekends ago. A few different crafty people have wanted to have a look at this.  The person who did the grouting didn’t take quite as much care over it as I probably would have – but who am I to say really, as I’ve never done grouting and certainly not done the amount that she would have had to after the weekend!!  It’s my first ever attempt at such a thing, but it was kind of fun and I could easy add it to my list of hobbies to do more of one day.  

Do you know this frog?

And here is a somewhat familiar looking Froggy that Katy Rose, ErikaJean  & PJ all thought they recognised in an earlier blog post. Were they right……… ??? Perhaps they’ll let us know!!  We are hoping to be able to go to stained glass classes again soon, but the funding for the community classes at our high school got cut last year, so all the classes finished up. Our tutor was hoping to get his class running again this year, but at the moment he’s not well. So we are all hoping he’ll get better soon.

 (Hey Norwood… Nooorrrrwoooodd – you rrrrreally got to look into geocaching some more – there is a Frog in charge!)

And here – just for Tracy – the wonders of the world of geocoins!!  This is our small collection.

 See this photo at Flickr for the info on how we got each one.

Our trackable planisphere geocoin - there is a Northern Hemisphere version too.

Our geocoin collection

Now – if I’ve said  that I’ll show anything else – please remind me what it was!

And BTW – if there’s any words you would like added to the Glossary, just let me know too. I haven’t put anything in there for a bit.