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Friday Favourites X Last Photo Taken Sunday!!

The postcard I’d like to show you this week is a bit different that the usual postcard. It’s a 3-D postcard – I’ve never seen a postcard like this before.

Niagara Moose

Pop-up Moose

 This fun postcard came from a Postcrosser from the USA  who had been to Niagara Falls for a Postcrossing meet-up (similar to a geocaching event!) He got to meet some other American & Canadian Postcrossers. And no Postcrosser can miss the chance to stock up on postcards!  So I was lucky enough to received this one in a RR Swap in the Postcrossing forums.

And here is my Last Picture Sunday: 

Last Picture Taken Sunday

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Last Picture Taken Sunday


Random plant

A really random one this week! We went looking for a geocache this afternoon – which we did find. GC20841 Happy Birthday Bitsprayer   It was a short track up a steep hill that required some use of  ‘four -paw scramble.’ Pity we didn’t have any four paws with us!!!

Anyway, I took quite a few random photos of things we saw – and this was the last one.We came back down the road rather than take the chances of slithering down the hill track. This plant was on the roadside – I have no idea what it is. Not a native anyway.

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Last Photo Taken Sunday – Kelty

PB wasn’t in tonight, so Kelty had to do with sitting by me & the laptop instead of by PB’s computer. He sure wasn’t impressed – but I’m not sure whether it was because he couldn’t sit in his normal place & get his normal attention from PB or because I was flashing a camera in his face!!!  Or perhaps just because life is often not up to the standard that a discerning cat demands.


There is a somewhat better photo at Flickr.  But this one is the last one for the week so here it is!
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Last Picture Taken Sunday!!

Miraculously, for once, it is still Sunday for me here when I’m posting this photo!

The TranzAlpine Express

I was very tempted to crop this photo  because that light post really annoys me, but I was good and stuck to the rules. The theme this week for the Hoohaa 52 at Flickr was ‘transportation’ and this was the last shot I got today when the train was leaving town.  I used a different one for the 52 – which you can see : here.

This is the TranzAlpine – setting off on one of the top train journeys in the world – apparently.  I agree that the scenery is pretty stunning, but even better in the depths of winter with snow covered mountains. That is when I would recommend to anyone to do  the trip.

So nite nite from me, and happy Sunday to all of you out there for whom it’s still weekend time!

Last Picture Taken Sunday

Reading Velcro's Blog.

Here is Ruger checking up on his favourite blog!! This is his California friend Velcro.  She’s a pretty cute Red Heeler.

PB took this photo over my shoulder. You can see a whole bunch of other stuff in the photo too. Neve curled up at the other end of the couch. The other computer which PB was on checking out the Trade Me  forums (kind of Kiwi version of eBay), by the looks of things. The painting on the wall is by a friend of PB’s uncle, and is a street from my home town. It was a wedding gift from PB’s Mum.  You can see some of my postcards in the postcard holder thingie that PB & I designed (yes Erika – we are going to make another one soon, take photos, and blog – I haven’t forgotten!!)

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Last Picture Taken Sunday – Carrot Crop

We’ve had a pitiful carrot crop this year.

This is 50% of it!! I was taking pics for my Project 365 shot for the day, this wasn’t the best one – just the last one!!!

Carrot Crop

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Last Picture Taken Sunday

Yikes!!! I guess I haven’t been around much the last week as my last post was also ‘Last Picture Taken Sunday!’

So here goes this weeks pic:


We went out for a meal at Jollie Jack’s Cafe & Bar in Hanmer Springs. I was looking for a place that had venison, and this seemed to be the only one. Good staff, very fast service and good food – so it turned out to be a great choice anyway.  The venison was nice (other than I couldn’t get my head around having rice with it), but we both thought that the rasberry mousse that was part of our Chocolate Trio dessert was the yummiest part of the meal!!