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Maintenance Run

We’d had the third DNF on one of our caches on Monday. Even though it is a cache that does have a tendancy to migrate seasonally as the vegetation changes, we though that three in a row was a bit much, and it was probably gone.

It was a lovely bright sunny day, so when PB got home from work we decided a little maintenance run was in order, as we’d had another cache in that direction to check a few things on also.

So off we went to our ‘lost’ cache – replacement in hand – as surely it was gone. But no, no, no there it was, a mere metre or two from where it should be.   It was a tad damp, so we sat it in the sun to dry out and busied ourselves with other things – PB lookingfor a new spot and taking co-ords, and I with playing around with the camera (seem to be doing that a lot lately for some reason……)

Not so 'lost' cache.

This is one of the shots that I got –  no special effect involved  at all –  it’s just what the light was doing shimmering off the river and through the leaves of all the trees around.

Special Effects

Once everything was dried out  a bit, I re-bagged the log book, and we settled the cache in its new spot – tucked under a particular branch this time, so hopefully easier for people to replace in the correct spot.

We carried on our way, past  an old disused garage where some even older cars are parked up. So of course that was a chance for a photo stop as well!  If it wasn’t mind-bogglingly hot standing out on the asphalt, I would have tried a few more angles too.

Old Cars

We tried to check on another which is a multi/puzzle, but couldn’t check the final due to maintenance crews in the area, so that will be another trip. And when we got to the WP, there was that worrying look of slashed vegetation. Yes the trees near the sign had been trimmed, but the container was still safely tucked away in its place behind the sign.

There’s another cache that we’ve had a few issues with – the kind where the cache owner goes  ‘It’s a difficulty 3, terrain 5 multi. Of course you’re going to have to do a bit of work!!!!!’   when cachers claim that it’s not there.  Over its life span thus far, very experienced and not so experienced cachers have claimed that each & every part of it was definitely missing  at various times– and when we, upon investigation, have found that said ‘bit’ is definitely NOT missing.   So we’re a bit sceptical when logs say that part of it is missing.  But this time – they were right!!! So the last laugh is on us.  We need an horrible little film canister to fix it too – do you know how impossible they are to get these days!!!?

A is for Annie

Maybe there is a WP or two in this picture?

So we trotted off to PB’s mum’s – to drop in her copy of Dogs that Blog: the Australian Cattle Dog Edition (which finally arrived!) and to pilfer a film canister that I’d seen lying on her garage bench. I think it probably belongs to PB’s brother – JemNZ, but never mind, all’s fair in love and war when caching is concerned!!!!

We were 2/3rds successful with our mission: calendar dropped off and suitably admired, flower photos –  that I’d been trying to get for a couple of days – taken, but film canister filtched – NOPE – we forgot.

Daisy Line-up

Daisy Close-up

Ah well ….. there’s always another day.

 And speaking of days – if you need another calendar (and who doesn’t) go here and buy one starring all the most handsome Blue Heelers in the world ….. and not to forget Norwood!!! 

Ours arrived yesterday and they are awesome!!

 Dogs That Blog – Australian Cattle Dog Edition! 

Dogs That Blog

Enter the code SHADOW for the next two day only and get 15% off!!

Fat Chance …..

Now that the French doors are in, and the west wall will be finished today, I though I’d drag an old chair from the bedroom out where I can sit in the sun – or the breeze – from the doors.

I sat on it yesterday. For about half an hour. Peacefully reading my book.  Then I got up to go to the toilet.  I was only gone for a couple of minutes:

"Thanks Mum! this will be just great for looking out the doors."

Fat chance of me ever sitting in that chair again!!!


His sister took it over later in the evening:

"Yea - it'll do. I don't like the Ruger cooties though."

 Hmm ….. I really must wash that glass……..

  it’ll stay clean for oh, about five minutes, I guess.


Until it gets covered with dog snot.


Inside Outside

We are getting closer to indoor-outdoor living!!!  The doors out on to the (non-existent) verandah are permanently in place now.

The dogs are kind of puzzled. When we are outside and say to them ‘inside’ they go to the old back door and have this kind of “Huh????” look on their faces while WE go to the new French doors. But they’re pretty smart, so I think they’ll have it figured by the end of the day, if we just keep using the new doors – ’cause the old door isn’t gonna be there much longer anyway!

The hole in the wall earlier today. Builder & PB working on it.

French doors IN!!

"We can see out!" (Sort of -Mum needs to wash the windows!!)


"We can even GO out!"

"Are you SURE we can go out here?"

"Let's just admire the view for a bit."

The Face of Innocence

Sweetness & Light

Does this look like the face of a dog who would run away from the kennels….

Appearances can be deceiving.

Cat Collection

Another aspect of Postcrossing for some people is the swaps.  In fact, it seems that some people are mostly only involved in the swaps. Personally I like the surprise of the random mail, and new places & creatures to  learn about.

But in my tidy-up of my stationery when I started Postcrossing (and the big renovation sort out!) I found a little booklet of postcards – all of kittens. So I decided that I would have a go at joining one of the swaps. The one I tried is called a ‘Round Robin’ – you send postcards of a certain theme to a set number of people, and they each send one back to you.  So I joined Lori’s Cat RR#55.  It turned out to be just as fun as getting any other postcard, because in the end the only thing I knew was that the postcard was somehow going to feature a cat.  I received two from the USA, one from Ireland and one from China.

Below are the cats that I received:

From Tobie - USA

From MandyMandy - China

From VolvoMom - USA

From Fisherman - Ireland

Pin-up Dogs!!

Now that it is officially 2010 almost everywhere, you will be looking to hang up your new calandars. If you don’t have one, (or even if you do!!) get on over to Lulu.com and buy Dogs That Blog ACD Edition and support the work of the New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue.

Ruger and Neve are some of the dog blog stars that are featured along with their pals Velcro, Gus, Callie & Louie, Stumpy, Wyatt, Norwood and Charlie.

If you check out the Lulu.com homepage, there is even a discount on calendars at the moment, and your donation to New Hope is not affected.

Go on, go have a look and check out the most handsome dogs ever!

Christmas Day

Finally I’ve got organised to download and sort a few photos from Christmas Day. As it turns out there’s nothing really spectacular – a few cute dog pics, but not too much else. It was actually a really busy day and not that restful at all!!!

At the start of the day PB and I try to get a bit of time to ourselves and have a nice quite breakfast – well as peaceful as you can with a canine audience:

MMmmmm ..... cheese

Mmmm ....... fruit

Then we were off to church at 9:30 to help with the Community Dinner. We had only around 140 guests – the biggest meal in New Zealand has over 2000! We helped with the audio and visual stuff, served food (the stuffing is our ‘job!’), and helped clear the tables and pack up at the end.

Santa visited of course:

We finally got home around 3:30 and had a little break before loading up the van with dogs and going over to PB’s Mum’s place.

Neve "On the way to Grandma's house."

Ruger " Are we there yet, Dad?"

Ruger "Why don’t we have a squeaky newspaper at home, Dad?"

Neve "Grandma has pretty flowers."

Our Cousin Diva

"Pose for a family photo – Mum, you have GOT to be kidding!!!!"

Neve "I’ll have my photo taken with Mum though."

Neve "I MIGHT play zoomies with Diva....."