Public Service Announcement: Number … something!!

Now — I know you’re out there. So please feel welcome to comment, even if you’ve never commented on my blog before. Heck, even if I don’t know you!!! Even if it’s the first time you’ve read this blog.  Those ‘other people’ who DO comment never knew me before I started this blog either. Does that make sense?

And Robert – yes, you may comment, even thought you knew me before I started the blog…… LOL!

Other places I may be found these days include:  – 0ur profile

GoodReads   – my profile

Twitter – my profile

Dailymile – my profile

Postcrossing – my ‘official’ profile

NZ GPS Society – the geocaching forum

My blog is the main place you can get to know me and be known so if you haven’t commented here a bit, I’m not likely to recognise you or ‘friend’ you elsewhere.

So if I have turned down anyone’s requests, my apologies – you are most welcome to come & chat here & make yourself known!!

Postcard people – would you be interested in getting a bunch of New Zealand postcards – written or unwritten as you prefer?? Let me know. I’m thinking of putting together a set & having a lucky draw soon.

Love, Annie

2 responses to “Public Service Announcement: Number … something!!

  1. Hi Annie,

    I was searching for K postcards and i came on your website. When i read it. i much send you a message. I’am a big fun of our hobby geocaching! We will go next mai to cache in Barcelona for one week! It’s a great hobby! And the funny part is that i ‘am postcrosing too!!

    I must write you this! Have lots of fun with geocaching en postcrossing!

    Best regards,


  2. I need to send more postcards!!!