Ruger & Neve are, to be honest, don’t play well with others. Neve would – given half a chance, as she’s a busy little girl who likes to make friends with anyone human or canine. Ruger, on the other hand is territorial.  He doesn’t like anyone to play with his sister. Not that he necessarily wants to play with her, but no one else can either.

However they do love when my friend K. comes around with her two dogs. Sometimes we go to K’s house too. The number of dogs that ends up THERE can be quite variable!! On Friday we had six, and on Saturday when we all went around there for a meal, there were seven.

So it can be quite a riot.  Ruger usually entertains himself playing with his Jollyball (Thanks Penny & Velcro!!) But the rest of the tribe prefers to have a human throwing their tennis balls or toys for them.  And with less humans than canine, the dynamics of that doesn’t always work out well!!!

So here we all are:


Sammy - the old guy



Ruger - " I'm just having a little rest. "


Buddy - Energizer Dog!


Katie - An old girl still going strong


Tylar & her favourite toy!


Neve - "Playing is hot work!"