Machines ‘Upsized’!

I now have really big diggers & trucks tearing up the road outside my house.
My water went off this morning & when I looked out the window they seemed to be doing stuff in an ever widening pool, then a pump started up. I bet THAT little episode wasn’t on their plans.

From the spare room window

From my back gate

I’m beginning to understand why the Christchurch residents have had enough of aftershocks!!

4 responses to “Machines ‘Upsized’!

  1. oh goodness. What a mess!

  2. They seem to be getting into the swing of things now!

    Generally speaking the bigger and greater quantity of plant they are prepared to bring in, the more seriously they are taking the job. Could be a good thing…tends to get the job done more quickly. 😀 Fingers crossed.

  3. Yep – We’ve just got home from a weekend away and the machinery is parked up on OUR grass just outside the fence. The grass of course is all torn up.

  4. Hopefully – I am well ready for it to be done with!