East Otago Caching

Over Christmas & New Year PB & I had a twelve day holiday. For once, we actually got to take the holiday that we planned. The last two years have been challenging ones with a lot of family illnesses & surgeries, and we have often had to change or put on hold our plans. So we were glad that we had the chance to do our own thing on this trip.  We’ve discovered that we’ve got to take our chances while we can.

We did spend the first few days over the Christmas weekend visiting family – as you do – then we flew the coop. Of course we got a few caches while we were doing family stuff as well – as you do – and even took some my family members to one cache. My Dad & little.sis quite enjoy finding the occasional cache ( little.sis plans to get her own GPS) but I think the other relatives find it a bit of a crazy hobby. 

Clarke's Mill

< This photo is from  Clarke’s Mill GC1TW3Q which is near the town where a lot of my family live.  We’d like to go back here when it’s open & see inside.  I didn’t realise that it ever DID open, so we’ll have to plan our timing better on some other trip.

  After the family visiting we started to head down the east coast, which is very different than our green & forested West Coast. There is much more rural land instead of wilderness, and rolling hills instead of wild mountainous ones. 
We had a night of not-quite-free camping at a Department of Conservation camping ground at Trotter’s Gorge . This was an amazing drive in, not so much for the scenery (because it was dark), but for the rabbits & hares running across the road. We lost count in the end – over a dozen!!  Rabbits are a pest problem here in NZ, but even so, we don’t usually see THAT many all on one short piece of road.



Campsite river

 By the time we arrived it was quite dark, so we didn’t really see the landscape around us, but in the morning we saw that we literally were camped in a narrow gully and that the river was quite pretty. 




"I got it!"


 There were – of course – caches. Where in NZ aren’t there caches!!! So we went to hunt a couple. They were both a good challenge despite quite descriptive hints, as the GPS reception under tree cover, in a gully was not too good.  Here is me at GC1BDHX  The Draw Bridge  



The next step on out trip was to head back out to the coast again. We picked up a few more caches 7 a few more photos – these ones are near GCYFQD   Katiki Beach .

Early Morning Beach



I favourite this cache just because I really enjoyed our morning stroll along the sand. You see, we don’t really have much sand on our West Coast beaches – especially right near our little town – and what there is, is greyish, not golden and, well….  sandy coloured!  

 These two photos are from near a place called Shag Point  (yes, really!) There are a few caches there, some we got on a previous trip, but we found three more this trip – and had a DNF. The seagull got photographed during our DNF, as there were too many people about for us to have a really good search.  There is an ‘official’ seal viewing lookout in this are too, but we saw more seals & closer at the cache called  Seal Watch  GC274P5 .  Probably a case of the locals knowing where the best viewing really is.  

People Watching

Seal Watching


We also did a few caches around the little town of Palmerston  Some of the caches here, I have to say, were not that great. But it was still worth the stop as there are a few good ones too. Our most interesting one was Sir John Makenzie GC25YDV   .  This was a real stealth challenge, and I’m sure in the end we quite obvious, but sometimes it’s the only way.  Again a few photos – including the rose & statue got taken while searching for this one!! I really do wonder about people sometimes, as I’m sure one of the dozen or more that passed by MUST have wondered what we were doing.


Decoy Photo





3 responses to “East Otago Caching

  1. I’m going to be asking for you help in the coming months, likely! I made a list of things to do – 40 before 40 – and one of those things is to take up geocaching with the child.

    We did a planned program by Parks Canada when we were on vacation this summer in Winnipeg, and he LOVED it, and I had fun, too!

  2. Sounds like a lovely time with family. It’s always good getting to view some different scenery! Pictures are great too!

  3. I think you will like geocaching – a nice combination of geekiness & appreciation of the outdoors. So, ask away!