Road Works!

THIS is why my house feels like it has a permanent earthquake at the moment. The council are laying a new sewerage system in our neighbourhood. We get four months of noise, mess, shaking & road closed –  this week will be the worst as they are right outside our house.  We are at an intersection, so we will have the noise & machines for twice as long as most people. The whole house is juddering & shaking. The poor dogs look quite surprised from time to time when there is a particularly big judder.


I just hope my poor postie can still get through.


2 responses to “Road Works!

  1. My commiserations 😦 . Put on a hard hat and a yellow jacket and go stare down the hole and take a few photos. Always guaranteed to speed up the process. If you’re just wanting a break then hard hat, yellow jacket – nodding sagely – “I’m right! I thought I could smell gas” – that should give you a few hours downtime until they sort it out.

    Mentioning archaeology is also a good one. They’ll panic to get it done quickly before someone can tell them to stop.

    If you want it stopped completely – then finding a rare species of newt nearby is usually a guaranteed job-stopper.

  2. Hehehheh — are those all strategies that folk have used on you & your team!!? 😉

    Long term it will be beneficial here – but I do just wish they’d warned us today to park our vehicles somewhere else so that I could actually get out of our street. I have an appointment later. Grrrrrr