Hometown Failure!

Our second cache hunt in town for the year was a definite failure. Our percentage looks pretty bad so far. LOL!  It was the sort of cache that you just drive past & scoop up – apart from the 2.5 difficulty rating should have given us a little warning. We made it into a little walk by parking along the beach a bit so we could do a loop along the beach & back through the cemetery.  So at least we got a nice little walk & our bit of exercise for the day. Here are a couple of pics, but not a triumphant one of PB holding a cache after his 15 minute plus searching.  Oh well, maybe next time.


We’ve had little adventures for our first two hunts around town so far this year.

The first – fortunately – was a success. Just as well, as we’d bashed our way up a small hillside through the trees, vines, ferns and nasty prickly gorse bushes, just on dusk. It was a mighty crazy idea to decide to go cache hunting at 9:00pm – even in summer, as it was pretty gloomy under the trees – and practically dark on the homeward journey.   Just makes for more fun though. We never really saw the ’view’  this cache is supposedly about though. The cache owner is a bit taller than us, so I guess we were at a height disadvantage.  Plus the semi-darkness didn’t help!   PB found this one – in a place I’d already looked.  So this photo gives an entirely false impression. LOL!


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