Geocaching Goals 2011

It seems to be the in thing to have geocaching goal for the year, so here go ours!

Of course, the main idea is to have fun! And to enjoy the time we spend together, and with friends exploring old & new place, learning a bit of history & geography and seeing & photographing interesting & beautiful place all over New Zealand. We always meet new people too – IRL and online.

But if you want numbers well here they are:

  • Get to 2400 cache finds total. (As of the end of 2010 we were at 1887)
  • Have 65 active caches by the end of 2011 – which means placing twelve more.
  • Fill in four more D/T combinations (currently 49)

 For non-geocachers, the terrain is basically how challenging it is get to the place where the cache is hidden, and difficulty is how challenging it is to actually FIND that pesky little container once you get there!!  So terrain can range from a stroll along a nice flat concreted path right through to a full scale high mountain hike, scuba dive or rock climbing adventure. And difficulty can range from a old ammo can under a shrub that can be easily located, through to … well, anything that strikes the creator’s imagination really.

  • Place an Earthcache and find five more, for a total of thirty.  

An Earthcache is a special type of geocache where the ‘geo’ part of the name really becomes relevant. There is no container to find or log book to sign, but there is generally a task or three to carry out that mean you learn something new about the specific geology & geography of an area. People either love them or hate them. We love them!!

  • Get five more FTFs for a total of thirty.

FTF stands for ‘first to find.’ Some people consider it to be a special honour or to take special skills to be the first person to ever find a particular cache. Some people even make it their mission in life to race out (including in the middle of the night) to be the first to get to a new cache. We’re not really into the whole race thing, but we’ll take a FTF when we get one!!

  • Make it to 220 multi caches – that is, sixteen more – and 115 ‘unknown’ caches – nineteen more.

A multi-cache is one that has two or more stages to it and an ‘unknown’ cache generally has a puzzle of some kind to solve before you find the true co-ordinates for where the cache is hidden.

  • Attend five more Events – two down already and one coming up very soon!!  

An Event is basically an excuse for a bunch of geocachers to get together and hang out. Generally it involves food (what kind of get-together doesn’t!!) and a whole lot of talking – about caching, technology, the outdoors and everything else under the sun.

If you’d like to find out more about Geocaching look here:

Getting Started


2 responses to “Geocaching Goals 2011

  1. I’ve decided this year that I’m not going to make any goals… I’m just going to go with the flow, have fun and whatever I do in caching, I do. 😀

  2. Sounds like some good goals. I have never been much of a goal setter. I always forgot and then never achieve! lol.