As Promised

For those who like pictures with their words – I’ve thrown in a slideshow of some of our caching photos from throughout the year.

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Last year’s geocaching goals were a bit of a fizzer in some cases. Here’s a little run down.

1) Our main numbers goal is to get to 2000 caches by the end of 2010, which means we will need to get 577 caches.
For total caches we got to 1887 not 2000. We missed a week of caching midyear as visiting my Mum in hospital had priority, and missed a catch up caching weekend planned for our  region’s  Anniversary weekend (kind of like a regional Bank holiday)  due to Red Cross responsibilities.

2) Aim to reach 50 different Terrain/Difficulty combinations – currently at 47.
Got 2 more D/T combos so ended the year on 49.

3) Have 60 active caches by the end of the year, including one genuine terrain 5 cache. Place 1 Earthcache
Finished the year with 53 active caches and no Earthcaches or high terrain caches places. (So this one was definitely a failure.)

4) Try for 6 FTFs for a total of 25 FTFs.
Got this one – possibly even got one more, but we can’t remember!!

5) Get to 200 Multis (currently 180) and 100 (currently 88) Mysteries by the end of the year.
Made it to 204 Multis and 96 Mysteries, so we did OK on this one.

6) Attend a minium of 2 events
We attended 3 events in 2010, and have already attended 2 in 2011 with one more in a couple of weekend’s time!!!

7) Get 6 more Earthcaches for a total of 25 (if we get to 30, that would be fantastic!)
Got exactly to 25, so we’re quite happy with that also.

8 ) Do another Wherigo
Achieved this with a guided tour from Bitsprayer around his Lane’s Emulsion Wherigo in Oamaru.  Plus he also threw in an introduction to the new ‘Chirp’ caches.

Of course – the main aim is to have alot of fun, explore newplaces, see new things, meet new people and we succeeded pretty well at that!

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  1. You are on a roll. Love the pictures!