Here I am – now don’t fall over with surprise. And I hope no-one was holding their breath in anticipation of my return???  Well, if you were – I guess you won’t be reading anyway, due to turning blue & expiring long ago.  J

My intention was to launch into the New Year with an update of our geocaching achievements (or non-achievements) of 2010, and our goals for this year. And I will most likely do that over the next few days.

However, I do want to say that I think this year my blog will return to its original intentions – that is, geocaching.  Last year I go too tied up in trying to have different things happening everyday and all that kind of palaver, and it just didn’t work.  So I’m saying now that mostly this year the blog will be somewhat related to geocaching. Of course there will be other randomness thrown in , such as dogs, photos, profound thoughts  & the state of the nation in Kiwiland – but it won’t conform to any kind of schedule, routine, diary or programme . It’ll just be whatever is happening,  or whatever is on my mind that hour, day or week.

Actually as well as failing to keep up with my blog the last half of last year, I also crashed & burned with the 365 Photo challenge, and we didn’t get a great number of our geocaching goals. More about such things later though.

This is mostly to say:

Hiiiiii I’m back!  


And thank goodness that pig is gone!!


5 responses to “Surprise!!!

  1. woooowhoooo! Annie is BACK! I’ll be happy to read whatever you write about over there on the other side of the world 😉

  2. Welcome back. 🙂

  3. welcome back Annie!

    Can’t wait to read about your caching adventurers… and doggy pics!

  4. Thank goodness…I was worried you’d given up. Don’t be concerned about what you blog, hell I change my mind at least once a week and for some peculiar masochistic reason people still keep coming back! It’s the writing that’s important – not so much the subject matter. 😀

    Good luck with the geocaching this year. I look forward to reading about your adventures (with lots of photos…and the odd pukeko…and the dugs – that’s dogs to non-Scots).

  5. Welcome back, I missed you. I was worried about you and just stopped by today to see if there was any sign of activity… so glad I did.