Friday Favourites – Mexico

 Not that the postcard was sent to me from Mexico!  It actually came to me from the USA thanks to the Alphabet RR in the Postcrossing forums.  The caption for the image says:

  A villager drags an obstinate pig past a vibrant Tlacotalpan house. 


M is for Mexico


Acording to good old Wikipedia: “Tlacotalpan was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 because the “urban layout and architecture of Tlacotalpan represent a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean traditions of exceptional importance and quality… Its outstanding character lies in its townscape of wide streets, modest houses in an exuberant variety of styles and colours, and many mature trees in public and private open spaces.” (UNESCO, 1998.)” 

This picture certainly shows the vibrant colours!! 

It is from ‘The Travel Book; A Journey Through Every Country in the World’ published by Lonely Planet.


3 responses to “Friday Favourites – Mexico

  1. Hey, I know that postcard! 🙂 Annie, as I was picking out cards for the ‘Themed Messages RR’ I saw that you were a geocacher, and had a blog about it! Well I’m a geocacher too (my boyfriend and I, to be precise), so I’m very excited to find your blog. I’ll be back! 🙂 –Katie (krhocevar on Postcrossing)

  2. Mom says the jolly balls should be here soon. We had to send the first order back-silly mom order two that were way too big!!!



  3. The vegetarian in me is hoping this was a pet pig.