Friday Favourites – Washington State, USA

One of the cards I received this week that really appealed to me is this one from Beachyblonde.

Deception Pass Bridge

According to  the back of the postcard it shows the bridge over Deception Pass at Whidbey Island, Washington State.  I like the subtle colours and how the border & wording have been done on the card – as well, of course – as the bridge picture.

This area is part of the Deception Pass National Park which is the most visited park in Washington State.  Deception Pass itself is a ocean pass between two of the islands in the area. It is very dangerous due to changeable water currents that may result in whirlpools, eddies & standing waves depending on the tidal flow.  So ferries often have to wait until conditions are suitable before entering the Pass.

The bridge goes between Whidbey Island to Pass Island and then Pass Island to Fidalgo Island.  It was built 1934-35 and was declared an Historic Place in 1982.  Now days it costs more to paint the bridge than it originally did to built it!

I also really liked the stamps that Beachyblonde used on this postcard – a cute kitty that reminds us to ‘Adopt a Shelter Cat’ and some lovely purple flowers.

6 responses to “Friday Favourites – Washington State, USA

  1. Hi there from Romania 😀
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    Hope you like it and maybe we cand swap 😀

  2. You mean there actually is such a place As Deception Pass?? Cause I used to read this vampire thriller romance crazy story at live journal that was set in DP… and never thought to google it to check if it’s real. 😛

  3. … to add : the bridge was in the story too.

    I thought you photoshopped the border and text. Nice that the card is like that 🙂

  4. I like the new look!

    Lovely postcard. Just last night I was seeing if I could come up with 4 bridge postcards for your RR, but I only had 2 :-/

  5. Well, next time you’re at a shop grab two more!!! LOL The more the merrier for RRs.
    If you join the ‘ bridge in a scene’ group just so long as there’s a little bridge some where in the pic that’s all that you need!

  6. Beautiful Washington card!