Travel Bug Rescue

Travel bugs and geocoins are another aspect of geocaching that some people like to get involved with.  An example of the geocoin is here: RAGWORTS 2008 geocoin . Each type of coin looks different – and in fact, some of them are not even round!! We’ve found geocoins shaped like a – school bus, pencil, garden gnome, apple, notebook, cat, beehive, flower, a puzzle piece, gingerbread person, gift,  lips,  t-shirt, parrot,  dolphins, cup of hot chocolate and a guitar!!  And that’s the ones I can remember.

Travel bugs can be literally ANYTHING!!! So long as they have a dog tag attached to them – with its special individual tracking number, it can be a travel bug.  Here is one of our travel bugs:  PB’s Polar Bear.

We are not so crazy about trackables as some people, but we do have a few coins, and we move coins & bugs on whenever we can.  Recently two of our travel bugs when missing in the USA, so I joined up with the new Travel Bug Rescue  site to see if we could have them tracked down.  Unfortunately for us, they were both found to be missing by the kind cachers who checked up on the caches they were supposed to be in.

Julie the travel bug

On the weekend a travel bug came up in town that needed rescuing. It had been in a cache up a hill for three months and the person it belonged to was wondering if it was still there. The good news for them was Julie the Elephant TB was quite safe. So we brought the TB back down the hill with us, and we’ll move her on to another cache as soon as we can.

The track is also used by mountain bikes/motorbikes. I'd hate to miss this jump & fall in the hole!!

This is a nice bit of the track.


View from nearly the top.


As far as we could see on our GPS we went up 300 metres over around 750 metres.  And then back down again without too much slithering and sliding – this time!!!

4 responses to “Travel Bug Rescue

  1. That’s so cool that you rescue TB’s! And that is one cute looking elephant too.

  2. the penny finally drops! The mystery is solved! The riddle has been cracked!

    I KNOW WHERE YOUR POLAR BEAR AVI COMES FROM… and I will shout it out.

  3. Very cool. Good job on making a rescue! I’ve checked the site a couple times – but nothing is ever near me…

  4. We haven’t had to rescue any yet, but we are on the site. And our Traveling Duckies don’t have the TB Tags attached to them (usually), they have the TB Tag drawn on them. (Or the travel coin.) Speaking of which, the Ducky Stalker that had his mits on Maori Ducky finally let it go in a cache. Not a good cache, but a cache none-the-less. I hope it does better than our other international traveler.