Daily Archives: May 21, 2010

First to Find Weekend

Even though PB was on call this past weekend, we still managed FTFs on two new geocaches in town.  And we went for a third, but got muggled out.

Ducks on the water.

The first one had been conveniently placed near PB’s work. The first time we looked for it was from memory of the Google map as we were already out when PB got called. I had a bit more of a look – then went to watch the ducks  (as you do!) –  but it turned out that the map was way out.  When we went back with the GPS  I spotted almost straight away.

Sunday we went for a drive up a country road that we never knew was there before, and had a quick find on a new cache.

"Is this the right tree...?"

Then we headed to a wonderful ‘cabbage tree’ that has had a new cache placed.  Usually cabbage trees don’t seem to accumulate mosses, lichens and epiphytes growing on them – but this one has an amazing collection!!

'Cabbage Tree' or te kouka (Cordyline australis)

We almost FTFed the previous cache at this tree – after a couple of trips and a bit of Kiwi ingenuity we did get it, but we’ve not yet claimed the FTF on it’s replacement. We quickly found the (nasty) decoy,

Nasty decoy

but by this time the horsey people across the road were looking at us suspiciously so we called off the hunt before we found the actual cache. We were doing a bit of photography as cover – and PB got this lovely shot of a little snail, and I saw some little fungi.


Fungi - not sure what this one is yet.


It’s a long time since we’ve had two (almost three!) FTF’s in one weekend!!