Help me choose!

I’ve started trying to get some more regular exercise. I’ve been motivated by registering with this website: Dailymile – which I found out about thanks to my Twitter pal Penny . Somehow, being ‘accountable’  to the goal I’ve set there  has got me out and walking. I really need to get fitter!!!

But however, I digress. When PB & I were out walking a couple of nights ago I took a whole bunch of sunset pictures. I need to chose just one, for my 365 shot for the day. So – which one do you think it should be??

8 responses to “Help me choose!

  1. I’m torn between 2, 4 and 6

    but they are all stunning

  2. we vote for 6!! Beautiful pics!! Now off for a run!

  3. I like 4 best.

  4. OK – so it’s a draw between 4 and 6 so far.
    Anyone else want to cast a deciding vote???!

  5. I vote for 6. But they’re all lovely !

  6. Too late to vote, so I’ll take the other topic. Congrats on the new exercise commitment/practice. Being accountable is very helpful. Team-Ducky, through a handy iphone app, geocaching, and Chef Ducky’s new found commitment to healthy/tasty cooking, has lost 50+ pounds (~26 kg) combined. We wish you the best of luck, Annie.