Last Picture Taken Sunday!!

Miraculously, for once, it is still Sunday for me here when I’m posting this photo!

The TranzAlpine Express

I was very tempted to crop this photo  because that light post really annoys me, but I was good and stuck to the rules. The theme this week for the Hoohaa 52 at Flickr was ‘transportation’ and this was the last shot I got today when the train was leaving town.  I used a different one for the 52 – which you can see : here.

This is the TranzAlpine – setting off on one of the top train journeys in the world – apparently.  I agree that the scenery is pretty stunning, but even better in the depths of winter with snow covered mountains. That is when I would recommend to anyone to do  the trip.

So nite nite from me, and happy Sunday to all of you out there for whom it’s still weekend time!


2 responses to “Last Picture Taken Sunday!!

  1. Cool picture, even with the light post!
    I like seeing what normal, every day stuff looks like in other countries… the mail boxes that you showed pictures of before.

  2. fatdogwalks

    We did the Canadian equivalent through the Rockies in 2005. Best couple of days holiday we ever spent were on that train – so if the TranzAlpine is anything like that I’m sure it’ll be magnificent.

    Different terminology again. Light Post. My collegues in the Street Lighting Dept refer to them formally as Lighting Columns – our section in Bridges tend to wind them up using the old common usage term – Lamp Posts. They are somehow insulted by this.