Daily Archives: May 16, 2010

Last Picture Taken Sunday!!

Miraculously, for once, it is still Sunday for me here when I’m posting this photo!

The TranzAlpine Express

I was very tempted to crop this photo  because that light post really annoys me, but I was good and stuck to the rules. The theme this week for the Hoohaa 52 at Flickr was ‘transportation’ and this was the last shot I got today when the train was leaving town.  I used a different one for the 52 – which you can see : here.

This is the TranzAlpine – setting off on one of the top train journeys in the world – apparently.  I agree that the scenery is pretty stunning, but even better in the depths of winter with snow covered mountains. That is when I would recommend to anyone to do  the trip.

So nite nite from me, and happy Sunday to all of you out there for whom it’s still weekend time!