Daily Archives: May 9, 2010

Belated Easter!?

On the weekend of the 23-26th April, we  took a  three-day  break for a for a bit of time off the Coast  and a little caching. 

Easter Events attended: 1

Caches found: 2

Caches placed: 3

Caches planned: 2

Now to explain these strange numbers !!

New Zealand’s longest running caching event is Moneydork’s Massive Easter Egg Hunt.  2010 would be its sixth year running. However ……. there was just a little problem this year. Moneydork, and a good number of other New Zealand cachers were planning on attending the first Aussie/NZ Mega Event.  Which was being held in Australia.  At Easter.   So what to do?

Well, just mooooove Easter in New Zealand,  of course!!!   So Moneydork held his event anyway, on Anzac weekend instead.  Now the other thing about this event is that it happens basically in the middle of nowhere. Really – the middle of nowhere.  Here at the DoC Marble Hill Camping & Picnic Area.  There’s grass, trees, a water tap, and a couple of long drop toilets.  So if it rains we all get wet.

Late night arrival

Luckily it didn’t rain. We camped on Friday night and had some extra time on Saturday morning to hide our eggs.  But we were just too clever because no-one wanted to tackle our egg-hunt multi!!!

So, where would you hide the eggs?

 This turned out to be kind of a bonus for us, as we had to pick it up at the end and got an extra egg!! (More chocolate is never a bad thing …… is it?)

After the usual chatting, eating, exchanging stories & looking at coins the Easter egg hunt is held. Basically each person who wants to hunt for an egg hides an egg somewhere around the area,  all the co-ordinates go into the container, you pull a random one out, and go hunt that egg!!        

PB with our haul!

View near where we found eggs.

Mr NutinaHut – did you see this one?

As a bonus when hunting our eggs we saw two  Thaxterogaster viola/ Thaxterogaster porphyreum   Violet Pouch Fungi

 After the egg hunt and a bit more story swapping, most people headed off to hunt more caches on their way home. We continued on to Hanmer Springs for another two nights away. We picked up one cache on the way. Only one, because we’ve done all the others en-route!   It was basically a quick park & grab, so no trouble with it.

Hopefully I will have another blog later with more about what we did in Hanmer!