Friday Favourites – Musical Cat

This is actually my favourite card from a couple of weeks ago!  Having decided on a schedule for blog posts, it seems I am entirely failing to keep to it.  Oh well …….


This postcard was  from the Alphabet RR in the Postcrossing forums. It is M  for ‘Musical cat’ from Goyesca.

The artist is Selda Marlin Soganci who is from Germany and is children’s book illustrator & involved with children’s theatre. She also runs art workshops and has had exhibitions of her art.   This picture is called “Schnurrkatze” which means ‘purring cat.’  He or she certainly does look like a very contented cat.

This is the first ‘art card’ I have for my cat collection.


5 responses to “Friday Favourites – Musical Cat

  1. THis is a gorgeous kitty!
    I’m checking out her other illustrations too; I love this style

  2. Cool cat!
    Oh my gosh, I looked at the info about the Alphabet RR and it made my head hurt. LOL

  3. The style is quite neat isn’t it. So many great postcards out there – some thing new in my mail box almost everyday!

  4. LOL!!!!
    You would LOVE RRs once you got them figured out. Soooooo many beautiful postcards to be swapped!