Postcrossing Friday Favourites – Turkey

I know, I know – WAYYYY past Friday but here we are!


I’m getting quite a few cards from Turkey as I’m involved in a RR in the Postcrossing forums, and some private swaps. When I saw this one in my mail box during the week, it caught my eye right away. I like the design of it, the colours and the individual pictures.

Cappadocia is in the centre of Turkey. It looks like a really interesting place with lots of fascinating geology to look at as well as historic buildings, cave homes – some that are now hotels!! – ancient churches & monastries, museums and plenty of restaurants with scumptious food to try.  And once you’ve done with exploring this area of Turkey from the ground, a hot air balloon trip would give you a different perspective.

Red Valley, Cappadocia

This postcard arrived a few weeks back from my best Turkish Postcrossing pal, Pinuccia.  This is the UNESCO World Heritage site, Goreme National Park. Pinuccia tells me that the geology here is the result of volcanic eruptions almost 3 million years ago. As these rocks are soft they are able to be carved into the houses that are still lived in today!!

Amazing area in an amazing country – definately an addition to my dream list of places to visit.


4 responses to “Postcrossing Friday Favourites – Turkey

  1. I wonder what all the little blue things in the trees are for?

  2. Yep – I wondered the exact same thing. I think those mysterious bits of blue glass are partly what I like about the postcard. I did ask the person who sent the card – so if she lets me know I will pass the info on. Or I’ll ask Pinar as well.

  3. I really like this postcard 🙂 Very cool.

  4. Very pretty card. At first glance, the things in the trees looked like old 45 records to me.