Last Picture Taken Sunday

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A past life.

 We all have them I guess – people we once knew, activities we once did, places we once lived – a life that once was.

Due to various life & personal events I am not the person I once was. People think I’m the same – I look the same, sound the same, do a lot of the same stuff. But I’m not really the same. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe not.

But anyway, this photo is about something I once did. The HooHaa 52 group theme this week was ‘Sport’ so I took some pictures this afternoon, and this is the last of them.

Climbing is a sport that requires certain skills & fitness, of course – like any sport. But – to a greater or lesser degree – the skills can be learnt and the fitness developed. The things that differentiate climbing or any high risk sport from things like golf, football, swimming and the like, are the things that can’t be learnt.



Absolute trust

And strangely enough, fear – but not paralyzing fear.

That’s the stuff you’ve either got, or not. And if any of it isn’t there anymore, well, climbing’s not the game for you.



3 responses to “Last Picture Taken Sunday

  1. cool shot! So you used to be climber? Cool!!

  2. I love this pic!
    So you did climbing? Indoor? Outdoor? Why did you stop? Does PB climb? So many questions, lol.

  3. I used to climb……and realized I had a fear of heights while clinging to a rock! I think I have conquered that fear-but wow, scary stuff being up at the top of a climb and being frozen with fear!