Last Picture Taken Sunday.

I really can not believe that I did not post one single blog entry last week. But then, considering we were away three days, I earned money two days (which always wipes out any energy that I did have), did volunteer work with a girls group at church and took myself & animals to medical appointments – I guess in retrospect it didn’t leave much time for blogging.  So – we get to Last Picture Sunday again!!

And here it is:

Annie & the Thar


 We had stopped for lunch at the Pukekura  cafe on our way back from Franz Josef Glacier.However, we found that at 3:00 pm we were a little late for lunch in this corner of the world. We did get  to see the giant sandfly (picture below!)  and  to have a good look around & read of all the hilarious info, letters & signs and finally to chat with the thar who appeared to be very friendly.

A Giant female sandfly. (Glad this one did not try to suck my blood!!)


5 responses to “Last Picture Taken Sunday.

  1. lol looks like and interesting eating place!

  2. I gril for that fly! (And another Afrikaans word for Annie 😉 )

  3. Very interesting – completely zany sense of humour. I was keen to try the ‘bambi burger’ but I was out of luck.

  4. Hmmm …. I could not figure out that one. Barbequed sandfly???? (Well, I guess that would be a little payback for all the humans that sandflies have bitten over the years!)

  5. Lol, only saw this now. To ‘gril’ is that feeling you get when something is disgusting, like yuck, but the verb. Don’t think these’s an English equivalent 😉