Last Picture Taken Sunday

Now – by no means can I claim that it is still Sunday – anywhere in the world.

But I have been saying to myself for a couple of weeks that I must get back to posting my “Last Picture Taken Sunday”

So here it is – two of them actually.

This is officially the last picture on the camera for the week. But I didn’t take it. Strangely enough.

Studying a geocoin

It was at the geocache GC1GZY5 Four Cygnets and I am looking at the geocoin Cheyenne’s Blue Lips Geocoin, as seen in this photo:

Blue Lips

We though this cache was going to be a ‘troll’ cache going by the hint, so we spent quite a bit of time looking in the wrong place. But when we believed our GPS and actually WENT to GZ (ground zero – the spot where the GPs reads 0 metres, or as close to zero as you can get it), we soon found an UPS (unnatural pile of sticks) and there was the cache.

The last photo I personally took can be seen here —> at my Flickr page, as it was my Project 365 photo for Sunday.

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4 responses to “Last Picture Taken Sunday

  1. Pucker up Annie! That’s a cool coin. Had the impression they are round…like a coin.

    Top of the mornin to ya!

  2. Nice one Annie. Just discovered your blog. Have book marked it. – Mr Beltfamily

  3. Hi Tracy!

    Oh my!! Geocoins come in all shapes – that’s another fun thing for you to find out about. Alot of them are just round though, but shapes we have seen are: pencil, bus, garden gnome, apple, notebook, lips, credit card, gingerbread man, fish, guitar, gift, bee hive,’micro’ cache.

  4. Wow @ all the shapes. I’ve found 1 coin: it was a replica of a real one i.e. it’s picture printed on a card – the owner was keeping the original for his collection. And it was coin shaped.

    Can’t wait to see some non-round ones!!