SPCA Fun Day

On Sunday we had another busy day! Even the dogs had a busy day – although Ruger’s busy day only lasted about half an hour.

We were up early again to help set up for the Fun Day. Ruger & Neve came with us, but as soon as some of the other helpers and their dogs started arriving, he started misbehaving.  Silly boy.   He had been OK for a bit chewing on his Frisbee, but then after a while none of us appreciated getting deafened by barking. So home he went.

So we assembled the gazebos for the food & raffle tables to go under, put up a banner, organised chairs & tables and generally made the dog park look presentable. Before we knew it a couple of hours had passed and it was time to open for the public.

Pretty soon, people started to arrive and enrol for the fun events. We had very serious competition in some events – such as:  The Best Dressed Puppy & Dog, Best Vertical Shagpile, Best Splotches, Dog & Owner Lookalike and the Sausage Retrieve.

There was the usual number of run-aways, and dogs who embarrassed themselves & their owners by peeing as soon as they got in the ring (not to mention any names starting with ‘N’!)  The Sausage Retrieve turned into the Sausage Devour for most competitors, but the SPCA Dog Manager and her new young dog came up trumps because Phoebe brought MOST of her sausage back, so she won the prize for that one.

The ‘registration’ pack had some treats, a can of dog food, and some coupons.

There were ‘spot’ prizes for lots of different things too.

“Spot” – the therapy pet model dog.

All the ‘smoothies’ parading around the ring.

Next to us is Cujo the St Bernard! Behind us is the building site for the new SPCA Centre.

“Just give me the darn treat, Mum!”

Taking a break in the paddling pool.

“Ain’t I just the cutest?”

Puppies ready for adoption.

Ready to go on the obstacle course.

Neve was entered in:  Best Smoothie, Best Splotches and the Obstacle Course.  She didn’t get any prizes, but we thought she was a winner anyway!!

And we thought we were on to a winner, because she was so tired that she just slept for the rest of the day!  She lay on the couch, snoring loudly. 

And if I was clever enough – there’d be a video of a snoring Neve here – perhaps tomorrow …….


And as for Ruger – well, everyone needs a friend to cuddle with when they are feeling all alone  

(Even if it’s a Frisbee……)

Ruger & his best friend

8 responses to “SPCA Fun Day

  1. “dogs who embarrassed themselves & their owners by peeing as soon as they got in the ring” …LOL!

    I wish I could adopt one of those puppies! SO cute!

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  3. Annie Neve and Ruger
    That was a great event! Poor Ruger and his frisbee pillow. sigh! Timeouts never fun. I hope you raised alot of money for the new center!

  4. Terrific rundown of the day and great pictures, too! I love reading every word of this post, Annie. I hope the event was a success.

  5. Yea – The only thing saving me from total embarassment was that she was one of a few who did it!!

    Those pups look cute now – but i’m not so sure they’ll stay cute!!

  6. Poor Ruger should be in class with Tulah, I think. He needs to take a chill pill sometimes!

  7. Oh – and thanks for your good wishes for the new centre. I should put a fundraising link on my blog in case you all want to donate.

  8. Thanks O’Neal. We had a lot of fun, but sadly participation and funds raised were a little down on last year. The ‘economic downturn’ is finally starting to bite in our corner of the world. 😦