Daily Archives: March 8, 2010

Art in the Park

Busy weekend this weekend. PB was ‘working’  (well, more like playing!!) all day proving the sound for the musicians at this event.

The Advertising Postcard.

It’s a local annual arts weekend – music, dance, visual arts and kid’s activities. Well, this year they stopped calling the creative activities ‘kid’s activities’!!! I made a mosaic tile – but I got so busy making it, that I forgot to take photos!!! LOL When I get it back (the lady is going to grout them) I’ll take a picture!

I didn’t take pictures of the ‘professional’ artists that  were exhibiting and selling their art works – they often aren’t too happy if you do.  But here are a few snaps of some of the other stuff that was going on.

The venue is “Shantytown,” which is a kind of a pioneer village that is one of the tourist attractions around town. I have been here heaps of times, as most schools take part in the education programme at least once a year.

Pioneer Villlage

But this weekend I saw it in a totally different light.  Humming and busy – with over 2000 people passing through during the weekend.

There was lots of different bead work for sale.

I'm not quite sure what this one was about!

One of the "children's" activities!!!

More "children's" work - or not!

The 'belly dancers' were my favourite. Amazing colour & movement.

Harold the Life Education Giraffe

 Life Education 

Solomon the Carriage Ride horse

This couple & their four children have travelled the world for ten years in a vintage car!!

Spark Your Dream

Wrought Iron Work.

FANTASTIC Cake Decorating.

PB's T-Shirt