Holiday Reading

So, what reading did I do on my holiday. Nothing that strained the brain – that’s for sure!!

Holiday Reading

“Cream Puff Murder” by Joanne Fluke

 I’ve read a few of these  – they were the first thing that our town librarian recommended for light entertaining reading. And she was right. It’s not the sort of thing I would have been seen reading a few years ago, but I guess there comes a time in life when reading ‘fluff’ is kind of OK!!!!  

The plot is pretty much the same in all of the books – Hannah Swensen, girl cookie chef encounters a dead body as she is going about her daily business.  By various ways and means with the help of her lovely friends and family she solves the completely improbable murder, never quite decides whether she wants to marry the cop or the dentist (I vote for the dentist because he loves her best, even though he’s not a heart throb like the cop), runs her cookie business and keeps her large ginger cat well fed.

The only thing that gets me is; how can all the people can be so darn nice – in a small town where someone gets murdered every other week!!!   I’d be moving out if it were me!!!

Entertaining Angels” by  Judy Duarte.

 Kind of vaguely Christian – inspirational. Again easy reading and light-hearted. Even though some of the characters had major problems going on in their lives, you knew that it was just going to turn out ok in the end because it was that kind of book.  I enjoyed reading it, even though it was kind of predictable.  The right sort of easy read book  that’s good for a summer holiday and on the other hand if you did want to apply a bit of thought to it, there were quite good messages about persistence and hope and giving people a  second (or third or fourth) chance.

“The Stallion” by Joyce Stranger

I read a lot of book by this author as a pre-teen and teenager (long long ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth) – they are sort of about animals, but more about the relationship between the animal and human characters, and the different human characters.  PB and I were in some second-hand book stores a few months back looking for postcards (as you do) when he came across some books by one of his favourite authors, and I spied this.  So we came out of the book stores with piles of books, but only a few postcards. (And now we are planning a trip to the city to spend a whole day in the biggest of the stores we looked in – ‘ cause it will take a whole day to look at three storeys of books!!!)

Anyway, I remembered these books as having amazing descriptions of nature & animals, and for being very intense and almost dark in the feelings that the characters had.   The book was just as good in that regard as I remembered – even though it did seem a little old-fashioned – and I thoroughly enjoyed my little jaunt into the past.

100 Places Every Woman Should Go”    by Stephanie Elizondo Griest

Well,  this was the only one of the books I took with me that I didn’t finish, and in fact, I returned it to the library unfinished.  Trying to put 100 places in one book means that only a paragraph or two can be written about each one, and it just wasn’t enough information – or sometimes it was too much.  It was an interesting concept and what I did read certainly had a female, even feminist perspective, but with so many places mentioned it got to be brain overload after a while.  Also – it was kind of organised by ‘topics’  where as for me I think to have it arranged by countries would have been more helpful.

So that was the only book that would not score well for me out of the four.  Who knows when I’ll next get to read most of four books in a week.


2 responses to “Holiday Reading

  1. lol just by looking at the books in the pic, the 100 places one caught my attention- but looks like I’ll stay way from it! haha. I just renewed my library books, I never got around to reading them but I really want to.

  2. I never used to read chick lit. But since I got sick my brain just doesn’t really deal with complex plots or really long novels. (I used to read science fiction and ‘action’ type books more.)

    Have a look at the 100 Places one if your library has it. I can actually imagine you going some of the places and having those kind of adventures (well, at leas I can imagine reading about them in your blog!!!) so you might like it.