Country Road

FTF is a geocaching term that  stands for ‘First to Find.’  Now this isn’t something that usually happens to us – it’s a bit of an extra game that some geocachers enjoy chasing. What is means is that you are the first person to find a geocache that has recently been hidden.  This particular one had been in its secret spot for a week now, and a couple of other caching teams have had a look for it. So we didn’t necessarily expect that we would find it. However the scarey fact is that we must be beginning to think like the person who hid this one, because we found it in a few seconds.

Signing the Log

Geocaching is at its basis a giant world-wide scavenger hunt!! Go to the right spot, find the right thing, sign the logbook to prove you were there, and that’s it. Sounds simple –right??

Ah ha – not necessarily so. The challenge of the game is that what’s hidden can only be found at a certain geographic location (or  983,726 certain locations as the case may be)  and that you need (in general) to use a GPS receiver to find the right spot and the ability to think outside the square to find the hidden box .  And the fun of it is there are as many deviously minded folk out there hiding these little suckers as there are deviously evil places to hide them, and the combination makes for some great adventures. Because you could be out for a simple stroll in the park with the family, looking for a lunch box sized or larger plastic container hidden under a tree, or you could be abseiling down a rock face, looking for a something the size of a matchbox hidden in a rock amongst a gazillion other rocks.

And the beauty of geocaching is that you often end up in amazing scenic spots, informative historical locations, quirky places that only the locals in an area know about, at fun artworks or intriguing old relics or any other number of interesting places that you never knew about before.

For some people the fun is in finding as many geocaches as they can, or as quickly as they can, or before anyone else (hence the FTF thing), or as many different types as possible – or any other  ‘game’ they make of it themselves.  For me, it’s mostly about the places geocaching takes me and the fun PB and I have together – whether we find the pesky little things or not.

Today, we ended up on a beautiful country road that we’d never been down before, and found an interesting old farming relic, and as a bonus we WERE the first to find!!

"Why can't I get this started!!"

The spiders are happy to have homes.

Not going anywhere fast!

So go here: Geocaching.com  and find out how many geocaches are near you. Just enter your town or postcode. And if you have a GPS go out and find one!!!


9 responses to “FTF

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I wish I had a car that would get me to places, to both hide and find the caches.

  2. Congrats on your ftf!

  3. Fun post and great pictures, as always!
    Congrats to you and PB for the FTF.
    Just for the heck of it, I went to that web site, put in the zip code where I happen to be this morning in West Virginia. It said there are 801 caches around here. Wow! That’s a lot of hidden stuff.

  4. Lovely post about geocaching 😉

    Congrats on the FTF and I love your tractor find. The shot with all the spider weds on the wheel is awesome!

  5. How incredibly cool! This is something I would love to try! You’ve inspired me!

  6. Well done, Annie. Great post and good description. Team-Ducky loves getting FTFs.

  7. Hi O’Neal,

    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    Geocaching would be a great hobby for a travelling kind of guy!! I bet you drive past HEAPS each day.

  8. Hi Kristin!

    Give it a go. You might even find some without a GPS. That’s how we found our first three. Or even with a car GPS.

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

  9. Hi there Duckies!!
    Glad you came by to visit. FTFs are kind of fun. we get most of our s accidentally though! I’ve a feeling that wouldn’t happen in your area. LOL