The City of Bridges.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA is sure going to get added to my list of places to visit!!! A city that has 446 bridges – that is three more bridges than Venice, Italy – is a must do.  Apparently this is a world record for number of bridges in a city! And I could write you something about all the bridges in Pittsburgh – but someone bet me to it.   This website – Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny County & Pittsburgh, PA will tell you everything you could ever want to know about Pittsburgh’s bridges. And here  are some more great photos. The first photo should be a daytime version similar to the purple postcard below.

These are some postcards  I have received recently:

This one from a private swap via the Postcrossing forums

Pittsburgh Sunset

 And this one was very kindly sent to me by PostMuse when I adopted some of her postcards.

City Lights of Pittsburgh

 This  beautiful covered bridge is the Logan Mills Covered Bridge, which is in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, so that’s another great reason to visit this corner of the US of A.

Covered Bridge


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  1. Never been to Pennsylvania. If I went, I’d go to Philadelphia. Lots of history there and I hear it is beautiful 😉

    PS. Cincinnatians have a nickname for Pittsburgh… Change the P to and SH 😉 It has to do with rival football teams!