You say, I say

It’s weird sometimes – how just one little word can change the meaning of a sentence, or completely confuse us. 

Take ‘Kiwi’ – for instance.  Are you talking about me – that is, a person from New Zealand, or is it that small brownish oval shaped fuzzy fruit that’s green inside, or then again, is it that truly peculicar flightless bird with th really long beak and the really large eggs – and who also comes from New Zealand????  Language is a very strange thing …..

You would think, at first glance that NZ and the US, or NZ and the UK, or even NZ  and that far West Island called Australia, were pretty much the same. But thanks to the invention of Postcrossing, blogs, Twitter, Flickr and other marvels of modern technology, I’m learning more and more how different we are .

Laundry is today’s topic of discussion. At the moment, due to having no kitchen, we are washing our dishes in the laundry tub (well, not actually IN the tub – but in a plastic crate, in the tub.Who knows what last got washed in my laundry tub!!!)

The first point to note is that, in fact, I’d usually say ‘washing’ instead of ‘laundry’ (the clothing etc.)  And probably ‘wash-house’ instead of laundry (the room where-in resides the washing machine.) So that’s different.  And generally (when it’s sunny)  I peg my washing outside on the ‘clothes line’ to dry.  When it’s not sunny (usually) I put my washing on the ‘clothes horse’ to dry.  In fact, I don’t even own a ‘clothes dryer’ (as in the machine that tumbles the washing around and blows hot air on it until it’s dry!!)

However – the word under discussion currently is  laundry ‘tub.’

Tub and Washing Machine

Here is a picture of it – well, a picture of half of it and half of my washing machine:

This is my laundry tub, or laundry sink, or washing tub.  Nowdays all kinds of random stuff is likely to get washed in there, but not  the washing.  (It does have the ripply bit down the side that you would use for doing the washing in it!!)  The washing machine does  drain into it though.

So – do you have a thing like this in your laundry (or wash-house) and if so, what word do you use for it.

And did your mum/mom use one of these to do her laundry/washing?? Because my mum did!!

A wringer washing machine

And while we’re discussing household appliances – what DO you call that thing that you use to suck up rubbish off the floor. NO, not the dog.  The machine!!!


10 responses to “You say, I say

  1. Ohhh one of those lol. To me that’s just a big sink. Haha! We don’t even have one in our laundry room 🙂 Although, we still have a few in other laundry rooms around campus for students to wash dishes.
    And as for the thing to suck rubbish off the floor? It’s a vacuum cleaner. Haha! I love it 🙂

  2. A vacuum! what do you call it??

    We don’t have a laundry tub at this house, but we used to. It was in the basement and our washer drained into it too. It was just a big plastic sink, no ripply parts. It was where we soaked clothes, scrubbed out stains and scrubbed other dirty things (like shoes and whatnot)

    It is amazing how things are different here and there… but sometimes here in the US even there are different terms North or south, or east and west… and definitely different accents. Of course I can’t think of an example off the top of my head 😛

  3. We call It a vacuum cleaner. And a sink.
    Regarding laundry vs washing… when I think about it, I’ve heard people here use both. But Afrikaans speaking people will most probably say washing (wasgoed).

  4. In the older houses where we lived I’ve had a “washing tub” but I don’t remember calling anything in particular. I’d love to have one, even outside for clean up and gardening.

    Some of the elders I know call any vacuum a hoover and vacuuming “hoovering”

  5. Oh what funny ways you all have over there.. A clothes horse now that is so funny…
    Grandma had a washer like the last picture when Mom was a kid.. She said she got her fingers in it quite often…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Thanks for your comment everyone!!!

    Next time I am using my ‘ clothes horse’ I will have to take a pic of that too.

    I do call my vacuum cleaner a vacuum cleaner – but when I was a kid, we had a ‘lux’ and did the ‘luxing.’ I think it was a brand name like ‘hoover.’

    It’s the everyday things that are sooo different sometimes.

  7. Nothing sucks like Electrolux!

  8. This is where my age begins to show.

    When I was very young (mid-late 1950’s) we lived in an old (late 1800’s) flat (apartment) which had an outside toilet and a communal wash-house (a stone floored room on the ground floor with an old sink, washboard and hand wringer (mangle?) – no washing machine.

    Pre “hoover” we had a manual push along carpet sweeper (beater)

    We still have a clothes “horse”

  9. When I was a teenager, we had a laundry room with a laundry tub (sink) in it. The washer drained into the laundry tub, but the only thing that ever got washed in the laundry tub was a our dog (when she rolled in smelly stuff.)

    We call the thing that sucks up rubbish in our house a Roomba. 😉

  10. Love your blog Leanne, you write so well, I’d just like to say that my first flat when I was 20 I had one of those wringer machines!! And I certainly remember many hours of my childhoood holding the clothes as they came through the wringer!!