Fat Chance …..

Now that the French doors are in, and the west wall will be finished today, I though I’d drag an old chair from the bedroom out where I can sit in the sun – or the breeze – from the doors.

I sat on it yesterday. For about half an hour. Peacefully reading my book.  Then I got up to go to the toilet.  I was only gone for a couple of minutes:

"Thanks Mum! this will be just great for looking out the doors."

Fat chance of me ever sitting in that chair again!!!


His sister took it over later in the evening:

"Yea - it'll do. I don't like the Ruger cooties though."

 Hmm ….. I really must wash that glass……..

  it’ll stay clean for oh, about five minutes, I guess.


Until it gets covered with dog snot.



8 responses to “Fat Chance …..

  1. oh… what’s the saying “you move you lose” Guess you’ll need a different chair.

  2. Thanks Norwood, that’s really ……encouraging …… LOL!!!

  3. lol. They are just keeping it warm for you 😉

  4. If you throw the ball you can have your chair back! Extraa hair and all!

  5. Snot repellent glass protector. That’s where the money is.

  6. That’s a VERY good point!!! LOL – I could sit there and throw Ruger’s frisbee out the door, and we’d all be happy!

  7. I just cracked up laughing when this comment came through on my email!!!!
    Shall we go into business????

  8. I’m going to make you really jealous here Annie. The Fatdog has never climbed onto a chair and has never tried to do so even as a pup! We could leave food on the floor on plates and she wouldn’t touch it – she only ate what she was given and is still the same. It ain’t natural!

    Mind when you’re up a mountain and the pack is open she’ll be in there like a shot!