Last Picture Taken Sunday

And my last picture for the week this week appears to be a prickly one!!

After our wee caching trip yesterday we went to check on one of our own caches that was in the vicinity. There were lotts of ‘weeds’ growing in the area – though I have to say if I call them ‘wildflowers’ and say they actually looked quite pretty, it sound much nicer!

Anyway – this ‘Scottish’  Thistle was one of the weeds growing, and I was playing around with the macro on my camera

Thistle flower


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4 responses to “Last Picture Taken Sunday

  1. I love love love wild flowers. They throw wild flower seeds along the freeway and it makes a beautiful difference!
    Just curious… will you every run out of caches to find? how many are there in your area?

  2. LOL!! A very good question! I HOPE we never run out of caches in our area, as we like to try to get at least one every weekend! We are quite fortunate to live in a very “cache dense” area because there are quite a number of very active geocachers who live here or who visit frequently.

    Go to the website and put your postcode in the search. You might be surprised how many are in your area too! Unless it’s a quite remote rural area. You won’t get the co-ordinates (the site only lets members see the actualy co-ords) but you will see the names and get an idea of how many near you!!

    I bet Norwood could sniff out a cache on his walk any day!

  3. Do you post the last picture you took or just the last one on your camera? My husband and I share our camera.

  4. Hi Katy – sorry I’ve taken so long to answer this!
    I’ve been just posting the literal last picture of the week that is on my camera – mostly it has been one of mine, but sometimes I’ve not known that PB has had the camera, and it’s kind of interesting to see what he was photographing too!!