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Last Picture Taken Sunday

And my last picture for the week this week appears to be a prickly one!!

After our wee caching trip yesterday we went to check on one of our own caches that was in the vicinity. There were lotts of ‘weeds’ growing in the area – though I have to say if I call them ‘wildflowers’ and say they actually looked quite pretty, it sound much nicer!

Anyway – this ‘Scottish’  Thistle was one of the weeds growing, and I was playing around with the macro on my camera

Thistle flower


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Just a Bit of Mud.

Two caching blogs in two days – aren’t you all lucky!!  Hopefully I will get some postcards up later too, as in the end I had an exceptional mail week.

PB and I just went on a little local trip today. We majorly slept in, so we missed church, and thought we’d make use of the not-raining weather to go caching.

The two caches we were aiming for are up a short hill walk over near the centre of town –we’ve been up and down this track quite a number of times. (Even before we got into geocaching!) Apparently one of the caches we were going for is in its third incarnation – we never got the first one as it was before our time, but we did find the second one.  These ones have been right at the top of the track, and it’s always a bit interesting to get there as the terrain is very dependent on the weather. We knew that it was going to be sticky as one of the other locals had been up yesterday and reported it in his on-line log – along with the fact that he’d seen about ten other people –  so we put on our ‘muddy’ shoes and headed out.

I considered taking the dogs, but we didn’t in the end – they would have been plastered in mud!!! (Which might have been funny to see) But there were also Poison signs, so just as well they stayed home.

Danger for Dogs

Possums  are a real problem in New Zealand. They are an Australian native and not at all a nuisance over there. However, here in little NZ they are a persistent pest that destroys our native bush and birdlife.  They are most commonly killed by poisoning- with either ‘1080’ (sodium monofluoroacetate) or cyanide in the form of potassium cyanide.  Both of these are highly toxic to dogs – in fact, to humans as well. Dogs will be affected if they eat something that has eaten the poison, never mind contacting the poison directly. So that really restricts the places on the West Coast that it is safe to take dogs.  There are major debates about the effectiveness of these poisons in protecting our native birds and people with very strong opinions on both sides of the issues.

View towards Town

River Mouth

However – I digress! We headed up the hill to our first cache Bill’s Vista. And a nice vista it is, but no luck with the cache.  The previous (very experienced) searchers hadn’t found it either after a few logs of the ‘easy find’ type, so we think perhaps it’s gone.    With the easy part of the hill done, we prepared for mud.

There was some mud – evidence below – but it wasn’t as bad as we expected!!

Just a Little Mud

Perhaps the heavy traffic yesterday squished all the water out of the track!  Up and up we scrambled and slithered until about half an hour later  we were less than 20 metres from GZ – only to have that horrible thing happen where the cache starts to get further away instead of closer! Fortunately we knew from previous excursions up this hill that it would be only a small temporary glitch, and we were soon at the final lookout.  I took a few minutes to recover, but it appears that PB’s geo-instincts recovered more quickly than mine as he was soon onto the cache. GC21PWH I am King Track the III

PB was on to it!

We sat up there for a bit admiring the view from the top and spying on a weka going about his daily life.  He did make a brief appearance out on the track while I had camera in hand, but there after stayed scuttling about behind bushes so we didn’t get another chance for a photo.

Weka on the Move

So even though we had a 50% success rate on our cache hunting and the day never got past overcast, it was a good chance to get out for a bit of exercise and re-visit a familiar spot.

River Valley