Peninsula Caching

Between a birthday party and a bit of shopping in the city, we managed to fit in a few geocaches – just nineteen, but it got us up to 1450. Most of them were in the Banks Peninsula area, and a couple in other places.

 The ones below are my favourites from the trip.

 GC1WQX6 BK&J Suggested. We had a sunny blue sky drive over to the birthday party, just doing the one detour for a cache(… mainly because there’s only a very few caches we haven’t already done on that route!!!) The scenery was awesome at this one, and as a bonus we saw a little skink. When I was a kid skinks seemed really common, but this is only the second one I remember seeing in recent years.  It was quite small – probably a young one, and we only saw it briefly –twice for me & three times for PB, so I would not even like to guess what species it was! Yet another one of those fleeting moments of serendipity that caching allows us.  And when I think about it, the last time we saw a lizard, it was at a cache site too.

Skink Territory

A brisk walk before breakfast is always a good way to start the day so we went after this one before breakfast on Saturday.  GCA1B2 River Lookout was just a few hundred metres from our camping ground. We initially had a bit of mis-direction from the not-so-helpful GPS, but when we got on the right track I realized that I should have trust my geosenses, because it WAS behind the tree that I had picked.

Ashley River view.

Following  such a long walk all the way from the cachemobile,  we had to trudge the whole few hundred metres back again as well and we found ourselves in need of sustenance, so we adjourned to Seagars Café   to enjoy waffles and a nice fry-up for our breakfast.

Waffles for breakfast ??? ...... NOoooo not THAT Waffles .....

... THOSE waffles!!!!

Upon leaving Oxford we took a rather meandering route into the city of Christchurch past a few pretty much  road-side caches. However it was a worthy little detour as we got an accidental first to find! We must have been only about 5 minutes ahead of the STF as we almost ran into them at another cache, but we really didn’t know we were heading to a FTF –  this time it was just another cache on our GPS!!!  We did a bit of  double-take when we saw a blank page, and PB checked the PDA – but it showed no logs, so it seemed that we were genuinely first – and so it turned out to be!   GC22PDZ Bus Stop   

We’ve recently purchased  a new map and camping book with a Christmas book voucher, so we tried it out of the first time to find a new spot to camp on Banks Peninsula. It came up trumps, and we had a lovely night free camping at French Farm Bay. (Well, almost free because we paid the $4 suggested donation.) We’d almost walked another couple of hundred metres up the road to a near-by cache on the Saturday night, but another down pour of rain hit just as we’d made up our minds to go, so we opted to change our minds and not go!  Which turned out to be a great choice, as while we were hunting in the morning we also enjoyed the kingfishers nearby. We’d had a kingfisher greet to us from the tree beside the van first thing as well. PB got a few photos of it from in the van, but as soon as we opened the door, it flew away.

There is a kingfisher!

We stopped in at Akaroa to find a couple of caches and to provide a little entertainment for the tourist.  Finding the caches was intentional, and entertaining the tourist purely an optional extra.  We were sitting in the van on the shore eating our lunch and I was writing postcards, while PB decided to feed the seagulls. Well. Soon the van and the ground were swarming with seagulls who became increasing more assertive about their need for bits of bread.  They were swooping past PB’s open window, and almost IN the window, standing on the front of the van glaring through the windscreen at us and romping on the roof. And we had quite a number of tourists stop and stare at the seagulls staring at us!!!

Seagulls on the sunroof

Staring Seagull

After that visit to a rather damp Akaroa, we did a little bit of a detour  Through Tane’s Park GCNJ0C. And it was a good thing that we did, as we found a cache badly in need of repair. Probably a possum had recently got into it, as the contents were scattered everywhere. We recovered everything and found that the log book was dry which was the main thing. So we dried the cache out as best we could – while everything was getting damp again from the drizzle! – and put what we recovered in new plastic pages, added a new pencil and jammed the container more tightly into the space we thought it came from. Hopefully we put it back in the right place and arranged it in such a way that not even a very dexterous possum could pull it out!!  We didn’t get the view though –I’m sure it was there behind the cloud.

Scattered by a possum?

My favourite cache of the trip was this one: GC1QRPA St Kentigern Side Track. This one was beside a charming little country church, with really beautiful stained glass.  I will let the photos tell their own story.

Saint Kentigern's

The Good Shepherd

The Saints

Just a bit further up the road we found Old School GC21330 – I have to confess, I actually didn’t see the cache here! LOL I was occupied trying to get a photo of the old building, and then the strange and curious disease that seemed to be growing on the trees near GZ.

The Old School

Strange Disease?

And finally here is a photo of I won’t say which cache, but one of the best as far as camo on this trip!

Camo cache

7 responses to “Peninsula Caching

  1. 19 cachces! You guys don’t joke around hey 😉
    **skink link gives 404 error

    Waffles look nyummy! (of course the second one)

    Lol@ seagulls – the new breed of gulls all have the Hitchcock gene

    That little chuch is lovely! Love the windows, great shot getting it with the light coming in.

  2. JUST 19? lol that is a pretty good amount! GUESS what I just got in the mail?? Yep, the wood postcard! SO awesome. Thanks 😉 I will have to hunt down a good one to send you back!!

    So neat that I read about your swarming seagulls and then I get to see the pictures here. LOVE the sunroof picture. It’s not a perspective of a seagull one usually gets!

    And I still need to e-mail you about my sister. Sorry. I’ve been such a slacker lately ;-P

  3. Hi Tracy!
    It’s pretty easy to get lots of caches in New Zealand as they are every where, so it’s not as big an achievement to get 19 as it would be in your area!!!
    The first Waffles belongs to the birthday girl’s young daughter. He’s a real little cutie and a character.
    I’ll check out the skink link and put in a new one if that one’s died.


  4. Glad the wooden postcard got to you – I was getting a bit concerned that US postal service had rejected it. Funny that it got separated from the other one some where along the way.

    I’ll put soem more seagull pic on Flickr – we tried to get close-ups of their feet.


  5. I think they may even have some postcards like that here… I haven’t seen any, but had looked at the craft store b4 for wood like that to send. You can send about anything here. You can even send a coconut in the mail…. I’ve heard of someone sending a flip flop… random stuff 😉

  6. You are my hero!!!

    Thanks to you I’ve found a recipe for Carrot Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting!!! (Seagars)

    This will be passed on to “The Cupcake Queen” (Jackie’s sister) for immediate manufacture. I await the results with eager anticpation.

    Great post Annie – I have seen trees with similar “diseases” to your one.

    Please tell me you didn’t eat that waffle!

  7. Thanks Ken. LOL – I’m too scared to look at Jo Seagar’s recipes!!! Hehehehe – shall we say, she is not known for low calorie recipes!!!

    Still …. I look forward to hearing how the Carrot cupcakes turned out……

    We only ate the second waffles. The 8 year old owner of the first Waffles wouldn’t have been friends with us any more if we’d eaten him.
    Actually – I must ask her one day why she named him Waffles.