Inside Outside

We are getting closer to indoor-outdoor living!!!  The doors out on to the (non-existent) verandah are permanently in place now.

The dogs are kind of puzzled. When we are outside and say to them ‘inside’ they go to the old back door and have this kind of “Huh????” look on their faces while WE go to the new French doors. But they’re pretty smart, so I think they’ll have it figured by the end of the day, if we just keep using the new doors – ’cause the old door isn’t gonna be there much longer anyway!

The hole in the wall earlier today. Builder & PB working on it.

French doors IN!!

"We can see out!" (Sort of -Mum needs to wash the windows!!)


"We can even GO out!"

"Are you SURE we can go out here?"

"Let's just admire the view for a bit."

4 responses to “Inside Outside

  1. Cool doors! Looks like they will let in a lot of good sunlight.

  2. “We can see out!” (Sort of -Mum needs to wash the windows!!)
    This cracked me up! LOL

  3. The light is great! That is the north facing wall, so there is sun pretty much all day. It’s extra light at the moment because of not having a real wall, and once the roof goes on the verandah it might cut the light out a bit – but the roof is going to be clear plastic sort of stuff, so hopefully won’t cut out too much.

  4. Hi O’Neal,

    They are pretty funny – they don’t have the new door figured out yet, so maybe they aren’t as clever as I gave them credit for!!

    Thanks for you comment