The Face of Innocence

Sweetness & Light

Does this look like the face of a dog who would run away from the kennels….

Appearances can be deceiving.


7 responses to “The Face of Innocence

  1. oh no! did you dog run away?!?! I hope it’s back!!

  2. Yea – she’s back. Her stomach no doubt lead her to roam, and it would be her stomach that would bring her back to the reliable food sources again!!

  3. oh! good to hear 😉

  4. Kinda looks like she’s plotting her next getaway while you are snapping the picture. LOL

    Seriously, glad she’s back.

  5. Oh my!
    Doggie had a solo adventure. glad you got her back!

  6. There is no such thng as an innocent cattle dog

  7. Cyndi, you make a very good point!!!! LOL