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An Impromptu Caching Trip

After a couple of muddley days with lots of trips back and forth from town and to MIL’s, I’m hopefully going to get a chance to tell you about our impromptu caching trip on Monday night!!

After a weekend that was:

a) very busy –Saturday

b) very dismal – Sunday

we had done no weekend caching. So when Monday dawned warm and sunny,  PB declared that we need to do a cache. So we did.  We made a wee detour on our way across town to visit his Mum, and got this cache:  GC21Q8R Lost GPS. It was rather a case of lost cache for us, as it was not at all where we thought it would be – but there is that saying about assumptions ….

 Even our canine assistants were not much help – being more in the way, than in the lead when it came to cache sniffing. However PB finally spotted in (as is usually the case!)

"We can help Dad!"

"See, we know what a cache is!"

And we went off to visit his Mum, thinking that our caching was done for the day.

Later we were at home and belatedly starting to cook tea – and my cell phone rings. This is a rare thing as my normal means of communication is text or email. So after the surprise had worn off – I answered the phone.

 It’s Moneydork (another local cacher) on the phone.

“ Are you doing anything at the moment? “

“ Not really….”

“Is PB home? Is he on call?”

“ Yes. No.”

“Wanna get those three new caches in Reefton? I’ll be round in five minutes.”

 So we race round the house like mad things – as you do at such times – packed away the unmade, uneaten tea, loaded the caches, found some money, grabbed the caching bag, and ten minutes later piled into the truck with Moneydork and Pohutakawa  (Moneydork Jr.)

 So with a quick stop at Subway for those of us who were yet unfed, we were on our way.  Now the thing is, it’s already 7:30pm, Reefton is 60 minutes away, and we’re after only three basically road-side caches.  But when one is under the influence of New Zealand’s most prolific cache finder – these things are mere details. (And after all, it was his petrol …. sort of …. but that’s another story!)

 The good thing about summer evening caching at the moment is that it’s still light until after 9:00pm, so we had a daylight drive up and daylight finds and drove back home into the purple orange skies of the setting sun.

 The three caches we found were:  GC22CQK Bottled Lightning, GC22CR2 Reefton Pioneers and GC22GF2Lovelock Memorial. These photos were taken there abouts.

River View


Reefton Gold