Sun, Sand & Surf

I’m not too much of a tropical island girl – I think I’ve mentioned before that the cruise I would want to do would be Alaska, but I thought we all needed to see a bit of sunshine and blue sky, so here is a Postcrossing card from Indonesia.

Bali is the southernmost big island of Indonesia. It’s the most southern place which has a distinctly Asian flora and fauna. This is mostly due to the fact that during Pleistocene when sea levels were lower it was linked to Java & Sumatra and they to the Asian mainland, so animals & plants had the chance to migrate. Bali was however separated from Australia to the south by a very deep strait that was never dry.

This postcard comes from the Postcrosser Ullee who is from the main city of Denpasar. Denpasar is the provincial capital of Bali, but the nearby city of Kuta is the main tourist area, and of course Nusa Beach is the place to go, if you are into that kind of thing.  Tourism is Bali’s main money earner and around 80% of the island’s income is made from tourism. Bali is the wealthiest of all the provinces of Indonesia – in a great part thanks to the tourists, no doubt.  The tourist trade supports a large number of artisans and craftspeople of all kinds in areas such as stone & wood carving, fabric arts and clothing, jewelry making, painting & silverwares

Ullee didn’t write too much on her card, but she has the most fantastic handwriting and as you can see has drawn cute little pictures as well. She has also used very beautiful stamps – including a sort of Christmassy looking one, though I’m sure that Christmas is not a big feature of Balinese life as a bit over 90% of the population follow Balinese Hinduism, which in itself is a change from the predominant Muslim faith of most of Indonesia.  

So, leave the snow and rain behind for a few moments and  enjoy a little visit to the sunny sands of Bali!!

Tropical Beach

Ulle's Message

2 responses to “Sun, Sand & Surf

  1. I love her handwriting and doodles! So weird both our cards were Bali 😉

  2. Fantastic beach picture, the stamps are pretty, and Ullee’s handwriting, message and little drawings are so cool! Love the sign post with the ID number on it.