Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

Cat Collection

Another aspect of Postcrossing for some people is the swaps.  In fact, it seems that some people are mostly only involved in the swaps. Personally I like the surprise of the random mail, and new places & creatures to  learn about.

But in my tidy-up of my stationery when I started Postcrossing (and the big renovation sort out!) I found a little booklet of postcards – all of kittens. So I decided that I would have a go at joining one of the swaps. The one I tried is called a ‘Round Robin’ – you send postcards of a certain theme to a set number of people, and they each send one back to you.  So I joined Lori’s Cat RR#55.  It turned out to be just as fun as getting any other postcard, because in the end the only thing I knew was that the postcard was somehow going to feature a cat.  I received two from the USA, one from Ireland and one from China.

Below are the cats that I received:

From Tobie - USA

From MandyMandy - China

From VolvoMom - USA

From Fisherman - Ireland