Money Money Money

If nothing else, renovations suck up your money! Just forked out a whole bunch of dollars today for a permit at the Council, and on Wednesday, a whole lot more to the store for the cabinets, and paying the builder in between times for what he’s done so far.  He’s kind of at a stand-still at the moment, as he has done most of what he can do internally before the permit for ripping open the outside wall comes through.

 So this is what our kitchen is sort of going to look like. Except it is absolutely NOT going to be purple!!! The real colours will be natural colours – green, a sort of terracotta in a couple of different shades and cream/white.

Draft layout of Kitchen

Where there are the french doors out on to the verandah in this picture, there is currently our kitchen sink and some bench space. Where the fridge and stove are is currently a little porch area with the door from the outside. The end wall with the door in it is the wall you have seen before in this post: Now You See it … that goes through to our laundry and then the toilet.

So it’s all starting to seem a bit more likely to actually get finished ….. one day!!! LOL

5 responses to “Money Money Money

  1. It looks nice! Glad to hear it is not going to be purple 😉

    I think the kitchen renovations here start at the end of the month. I guess I can kiss sleeping in goodbye! lol

  2. It will be sooooooo worth it, when it’s all said and done!

  3. Yep – totally no chance of sleeping in!!! It hasn’t been as noisey as I’d expected though, or maybe I’ve just timed it right and been out during the worse noise.

    Do you know what colours etc your Mom is having yet/


  4. I am really looking forward to the french doors and the verandah and having more of an indoor/outdoor dining area. I’ve waited a few years so another month or so won’t be too long. Not great weather here for BBQing at the moment anyway.


  5. I think neutral colors as well. They are kind of “going all out” in the kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steal appliances. I think they decided on some kind of tile flooring.