Polar Pals

Just a quick post to show you a postcard I recieved today from DotDotPC at Postcrossing. This postcard took 16 days to travel 16,984 Kms (10,553 Miles) from Finland.  Of course this one went in my favourites – as would the other postcard I recieved today from ErikaJean !!!! (Erika’s postcard will feature in a longer post soon.)

Polar Pals

DotDot also choose a very appropriate stamp. And it’s a round stamp – we have round stamps in New Zealand, but this is the first I have seen from another country. On the stamp it says “Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers.” A sentiment I could not agree with more!

Round Stamp from Finland

3 responses to “Polar Pals

  1. Very cool! I don’t think I’ve ever seen round stamp! awesome!

  2. Cutie bears.
    What currency do they use? CAuse it doesn’t look like Euro.

  3. Apparently they have used the Euro since 2002, but the previous currency was the markka – perhaps it is an older stamp.